ETA Star first property developer to win award


ETA Star Property Developers, one of the leading property developers in the UAE, was voted as a Superbrand by the Superbrands Council UAE. ETA Star is the first private property developer to be voted as one of the strongest brands in the region.

The Superbrands status was given to ETA Star for its unique set of brand values and the equity it enjoys in the market. Today, ETA Star prides itself on being ethical, accountable and respectful. It was these qualities, combined with its brand strength, which continues to grow and develop year-on-year, which led to winning the accolade of Superbrand 2007.

On achieving this award, ETA Star brand is now among a circle of an elite group of organisations that represents best practice in brand management.

Abid Junaid, Executive Director, ETA Star, said: “Being voted as a Superbrand is an honour for us. And to be the youngest brand to achieve this is indeed gratifying. We are glad that our aim to differentiate ourselves and be seen as a reliable and trustworthy brand have been recognised.”

He added, “Brand values are multi-layered and that’s what our customers associate us with. We strive to be a preferred brand so that both consumers and our partners can rely and have faith in us.”

On honouring ETA Star with the Superbrand award, Mike English, Director – Superbrands Middle East & North Africa, said: “The real estate market is increasingly competitive. Brand reputation, intelligent marketing, high levels of customer service, product innovation and values are key to protecting and gaining market share.

“ETA Star succeeded in all of these areas. However, its foremost strength is its simple and straightforward approach to customers. This applies to the marketing activities as well, which the brand has undertaken and the way that their staff have communicated the ethos of the brand at an individual level with its consumers.

“In addition the brand has resisted the temptation to be a ‘jack of all trades’ and remained focused on its core areas of expertise, ensuring its staff are among the most helpful and knowledgeable in the industry.”