Marine Agency and Jams deal for technical co-operation


The Marine Agency at the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Jordan Academy for Maritime Studies (Jams) for boosting mutual co-operation in marine mass transit, security, safety, and training operations.

The MoU was signed on behalf of the RTA by Mohammed Obaid Al Mulla, CEO of the RTA's Marine Agency, and on behalf of Jams by its Director, Mustafa Massad.

Al Mulla said that the signing of the MoU underlies the intention of the RTA and Jams to train students in scientific and technical aspects of the marine field.

It is part of the overall objective of enhancing planning, designing, constructing and commissioning of marine transport networks in the emirate of Dubai.

"Through signing this MoU, which defines the frameworks and perimeters of the relationship between the RTA and Jams, we are looking at boosting mutual co-operation in various fields such as training, technical consultancy, research, HR development, exchange of know-how and corporate expertise, and sharing of information and best practices," Al Mulla said.

"This MoU is an ideal platform for providing direct interaction with experts in a manner that will be beneficial to the Marine Agency. We intend to use this opportunity to improve all aspects related to passenger safety and security," he added.

Al Mulla said the RTA has always been keen to achieve this aim and recently conducted courses where 300 operators took part in a Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) programme. The course, which lasted for 60 days starting March 2008, covered marine safety matters from both theoretical and practical perspectives.

"Also under way is the Dh6 million Marine Security and Safety Services Project, which covers the entire coastline of Dubai and was inaugurated early this month. It will provide many marine safety services, such as tugging and towing, refuelling, repairing of emergency faults, battery checkups and such others. The Marine Agency has become capable of serving all sea-goers and also of providing educational and training programmes," said Al Mulla.

The Director of the Registration and Licensing Department at the Marine Agency, Sultan Al Kutbi, added: "Jams is a specialised body in this field, and we would like to benefit from its experience to enhance our marine studies.

"Through conducting marine studies as well as training programmes, we will be in a position to keep pace with the massive development witnessed by the marine mass transit industry."

Commenting on the MoU, Mustafa Massad, Director of Jams, said: "It is a gateway to a working and co-operative relationship with the RTA in gaining knowledge in the field of maritime studies – a field in which Dubai has extensive knowledge.

"It also paves the way for a co-operative spirit in all maritime fields, and ushers a beginning of a long lasting co-operation with the Roads and Transport Authority."