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Du to block websites


Du will start to block internet websites with undesirable content from Monday in a move to comply with the new internet management policy issued by the UAE Telephone Regulatory Authority (TRA).

A statement issued by du said it will block all content that is not in line with moral, social and cultural values of the UAE.

“The internet offers us great opportunities to receive and share information and to communicate. However, it is imperative that when making use of this technology, we respect the moral, social and cultural values of the UAE,” it read.

The telecom operator has also cautioned customers that due to the nature of the content filtering process some harmless sites may also inadvertently be blocked.

“It is our constant endeavour to maintain the perfect balance between ensuring customers’ interests while complying with all the guidelines of the TRA, including those on internet content filtering.
Hence, we request our customers to inform us when a site they consider harmless has been blocked by writing to safesurf@du.ae so that we can look into the matter,” said a spokesperson.

“Du counts on the understanding, support and encouragement of each of our valued customers as we continue to further strengthen our portfolio of products and services, and with all the systems that fall into place.”