Egyptian villagers protest police killing


An Egyptian police car ran over and killed a man who tried to stop them driving off with his detained brother, prompting angry protests by villagers near the southern city of Sohag, security sources said on Tuesday.

Police had gone to the home of Eid Ahmed Ibrahim on Monday night to arrest his brother when Ibrahim intervened and demanded to know the reason for the arrest, his family say.

They said when the arresting officer refused to answer, Ibrahim stood in front of the police vehicle to stop it leaving, at which point the car drove over Ibrahim, who became attached to the underside of the vehicle.

Ibrahim was dragged under the vehicle for several hundred metres before he came loose, they added.

Police sources said the car struck the man accidentally as it tried to drive around him. They say they did not realise Ibrahim was being dragged under the vehicle, the sources said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

About 2,000 villagers subsequently gathered to protest, accusing the police of deliberately killing Ibrahim.

A spokesman for the Interior Ministry said the ministry had no information on the case.

In November a police van ran over a woman who was clinging to the front of the vehicle to plead for the release of her sister-in-law, who had just been detained.

Egypt's highest authority on Islamic law later issued a ruling that drivers cannot be blamed for killing people who deliberately stand in front of their vehicles, but said the fatwa was unrelated to the incident.