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Dubai Mall delayed by expansion

The Dubai Mall will be delayed by several months, although the project has been extended by 30 per cent.

"Today [Dubai Mall] is not the same as it was designed in 2004. We have redesigned the boulevard and in place of the 2,000 car parking spaces today, we have expanded it to about 5,000 car parking spaces," said Mohamed Ali Alabbar, Chairman of Emaar.

Dubai Mall was originally scheduled for completion by the end of last year. According to Emaar, the mall will now be opened on August 28, 2008. "When you compare the additional work that has undergone the delay is more than justified. Moreover, we are building these forever. It is not meant to be limited for celebrations for a single inauguration day," added Alabbar. The mall, one of the world's largest shopping destinations, is located in the Dh73 billion Downtown Burj Dubai.