Dubai spare parts trade up 29% in 2007


The emirate's automobile spare parts trading sector recorded an impressive growth of 29.64 per cent in 2007, touching Dh18.22 billion, compared with Dh14.05bn in 2006, according to Dubai World's Statistics Department.

According to the figures, import of automobile spare parts in 2007 accounted for 60.65 per cent of the total trade, or Dh11.05bn, while exports made up 2.33 per cent (Dh425 million) and re-exports 37.02 per cent.

He said the strong growth of the sector has prompted the Statistics Department to take part in Automechanika Middle East, the region's leading trade fair for the automobile sector, to be held at Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre from June 1 to 3.

Nassim Al Mehairi, acting head of the department, said: "Our participation in the fair comes as a result of the study we conducted on the thriving automobile spare parts sector in Dubai. Through such a platform, we are seeking to strengthen the department's relations and enhance communication with the various economic sectors in the emirate in particular and the UAE in general."

Japan remains the leading exporter of spare parts to Dubai. It again topped the list of major exporters in 2007 for a total value of Dh 2.7bn.

Germany was second with exports of Dh1.75bn, followed by China with Dh1.56bn.