Sharjah wilts without power in over 45°C heat for second day

Sharjah residents are sweating it out with mid-day temperatures rising to more than 45°C. (FILE)

Families living in industrial areas and certain residential pockets of Sharjah were left at their wits’ end, some close to desperation, as power shortages continued into the day on Tuesday.

With mid-day temperatures rising to more than 45°C, if you were in the Sharjah industrial zone and certain parts of Rolla, Buteena and Al Tawuun, you were sweating it out.
In fact, many employees skipped office this morning as they had not slept the whole night and power had not returned in the morning.
“Many families with small children have sought refuge in the homes of friends and relatives in Dubai. My husband is in India and I have a four-year-old daughter. For the past three days we have been living in a friend’s house in Rolla,” said Bindu Suresh, a housewife.
Workers in labour camps too could not sleep after toiling for the entire day. And they feared they would go back to rooms without power once again.
“Nearly 3,000 workers live in the Sharjah Municipality Accommodation in the industrial area 3. Officials came and just consoled the workers,” said a municipality staff resident in the camp.