King Saud tops online Arab university ranking

UAE University No7 in internet presence and online focus

The King Saud University is the top university in the Arab World when it comes to its internet presence and online focus, according to a latest ranking released by Webometrics.

The ranking published twice a year (January and July), covers more than 20,000 higher education institutions worldwide.
While the UAE University is ranked seventh on the Arab World list, Zayed University (30), American University of Sharjah (35) and Dubai School of Government (63) all make the top 100.
The original aim of the ranking was to promote web publication, supporting open access initiatives, electronic access to scientific publications and to other academic material are primary targets, according to, where the detail list can be accessed.
The top university according to the ranking in the world is Harvard. The US dominates the top 10 with MIT and Stanford taking the second and third spot.
The first British university on the global list is at number 22 – Cambridge.
Over 20,000 higher education institutions have been analysed for this edition, including full revisions of US community colleges and new universities from Iran, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Egypt and Jordan.
Criteria for inclusion and methodology:
Only universities with an independent domain are considered. If one institution has more than one main domain, we analyse all of them but only the best ranked is published, even if this domain is not the new (current) or the preferred one.
Since 2009 the ranking is derived from a composite indicator of the normalized values of each variable, not from the ordinals. These individual ranks are provided mainly for reference.
Strong discrepancies among variables, especially those regarding the Google Scholar figures, concerned us deeply. Some adjustments have been done in several instances.
One university has been excluded due to bad practices that make impossible a correct calculation of its rank.
The Bing engine showed an irregular behavior during the period of data harvesting, so it has been excluded temporarily from the present calculations.
In the last editions a few cases were manipulated to better reflect the overall web performance of the universities.
The ranks of the institutions with many and important faculty web domains were obtained merging the data from all of them. As no improvement in the naming practices has been observed, most of these universities are now ranked only with the data obtained for their central web domain.
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