Saudis urged to “market” daughters for marriage

Saudis urge to market their daughters for marriage. (FILE)

A prominent Saudi psychiatrist has urged local families to market their daughters for early marriage, saying this would save them from psychological pressure.

Dr Tariq bin Ali Al Habib, who lectures at several Saudi universities, said research he had conducted in the Gulf Kingdom showed that nearly 90 per cent of the physical disorders are caused by psychological factors.

In a lecture organized by the state-owned Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest oil producing firm, Al Habib said women in the Arab world are under psychological pressure because of the discrimination between them and men.

“To help tackle this problem, families should market their daughters for early marriage…they can do so by attending social events such as weddings and others…,” he said in the lecture in Riyadh late Monday.

“The role of marketing should not be confined to the mother but to aunts and sisters….girls, however, should have the right to choose their husbands as it is the right of men to choose their wives.”