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The achievable impossible dream


What are those impossible dreams that the daylight would deny? What are those impossible tasks that the mind simply wouldn’t fathom? And what are those struggles over which mankind would simply cave in? These are actually those rare thoughts that arise in time and bring a deeper understanding of clear paths towards better humanity. Today, almost like an impossible dream, the global search for the next big thought is on.

We are all at very difficult crossroads, on the brink of impossibility, where the imagination itself is scared to face the truth and in the course of our human endeavour, it seems, all over the world, that we have arrived at divisions so twisted and complicated that even the finest global minds seem to be so confused and frightened. The unknown is upon us, and we slowly tread towards the future, somewhat bold, yet frightened while searching for truth.

The current global geo-political economies, combined with social unrest, are powerful enough to numb nations while the new world order demands order; but what better way to chase the impossible dream and to open an honest global dialogue and encourage a universal exchange of brand new ideas?

Imagine, if every nation and its best minds were encouraged to speak out and share their thoughts, no matter how painful, how deep the differences, how sharp the conflicts and how wide the divisions. A frank and honest global discussion among nations, which is certainly the most difficult task, seems so impossible and without absolute neutrality it may never find the answers.

As new words become pillars for new thoughts, and new thoughts become blueprints for new actions, now is the time to begin the free-flowing exchange of ideas. With no preset agenda, no spin and no chase; just the simple truth.

The current emergence of Dubai on the world stage has established two very clear messages among the global populace and the world’s intelligentsia; firstly, that Dubai has rapidly become a well-respected city of the world and secondly, that it has established itself as a master blueprint for the greater Arabia and Asia. The combination of these two elements creates a third: how to become the new global leader in creating world-class platforms for open neutral debates, and possibly become a world-class intellectual broker on a global scale, filling the massive void recently created by global image positioning shifts between the Western powers and the rest of the world.

Today, almost all of the biggest institutions of the world including the power brokers of the G8 countries openly shy away to discuss real, hardcore issues, as they themselves are entangled in various internal disputes making it an almost impossible idea to open a discussion on any major global matters. What you get instead are short, pre-edited sound bites and general lip service that only leave you with no clear message. Most Western leaders are content with reading speeches off their tele-prompters, prepared by teams of writers, as if they were afraid of any slip up, or new ideas.

The leadership of Dubai under His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, is being revealed to the world as his vision becomes actively engaged in matters of nation building, mass education of the population, world-class healthcare and housing and developments towards lasting leadership. The world is watching as Sheikh Mohammed moves forward as the leader of change and prepares Dubai for the world stage. His accelerated pace of human resource development is aimed at allowing UAE citizens to become champions of their own game plan and set an example for other Muslim countries.

Can Dubai lead this charge, and once again show the world what can be done on new intellectual fronts? One world-class global assembly of minds can easily layout great ideas while repeated assemblies and sub-assemblies will create a continuous flow of original content to further catapult Dubai and the region to become the intellectual Middle Eastern hub of the new millennium. If such platforms were broadcasted throughout the world and offered global interactive feedback it would create awesome respect.

Right now, there are many such global issues for immediate discussion, ranging from education, new economic models, ecology, micro lending, Islamic banking, regional free-trade-zones, the creation of brand new global icons and new local brands from brand new regions, as well as issues of lasting global peace and security.

Ideas can be tabled, hatched and implemented at warp speed. Although there are hundreds of conferences and events each year in Dubai and most deal with local or regional issues, the leadership of Dubai can hold mega-size global forums to debate, forecast and adopt new global plans to bring the world out of this massive confusion.

Ideally, a Royal decree for a world-class event on a global scale, inviting leaders among nations to address current issues and their impact on the future would set the course. Now is the time to address these global issues in the context of unparalleled neutrality within the realm of a technologically advanced platform, at the forefront of innovation.

How fast can the Middle East offer the rest of the world brand new concepts and ideas? Surely, right now, the trillion-dollar value of the brand image that Dubai has created carries enough critical mass to ignite some global debates.

So long as the desires of the rulers to attract global talent and ideas and to deliver world-class standards while upgrading the personal growth and standards of all its citizens continues, the scholars and world’s finest minds within Arabia will interact with the rest of the world and would gravitate to a neutral environment and share and exchange ideas under full freedom and full security.

All this can be achieved, and after all, it may not be that impossible a dream.