Puma goes eco-friendly

Puma goes eco-friendly . (SUPPLIED)

Sporting goods maker Puma will launch eco-friendly packaging for its sneakers next year to reduce its carbon footprint, beating governments to the punch as it kisses old-fashioned shoe boxes good-bye.

Puma said it would roll out the new packaging in the second half of next year and that by putting its shoes in cardboard frames wrapped in reusable shoe bags, it would save 8,500 tonnes of paper – the weight of more than 1,400 adult elephants.

It said the change would mean a reduction of 60 per cent in water and energy used during the production process and in transportation costs. However, Puma Chief Executive Jochen Zeitz said the firm would not save money with the new packaging. "We don't expect to save costs with this. It may even have a negative impact in the short term. But over the long run, there should be cost savings."


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