Friendship lives on

Fidel and Che: A Revolutionary Friendship. (SUPPLIED)

This informative and absorbing dual biography of the phenomenal friendship between two very different, but influential, revolutionaries is a must-read.

Simon Reid-Henry's book chronicles the story of the peasant's son, scholar and rebel Fidel Castro, and his fateful meeting with the revolutionary, itinerant doctor Ernest (Che) Guevara, revealing their life-changing friendship and unbreakable bond.

The pair became comrades in arms when they met during their exile in Mexico City in 1955. Over the following 12 years they became two of the 20th century's key figureheads. Though their opinions finally came between them, and they found themselves fighting for different causes, they had undeniable respect for each other. So much so, that when Che died in 1967 Fidel mourned his companion for the rest of his 39 years in power.

Reid-Henry offers a digestible, fascinating and unique insight into two enigmatic characters.


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