Take cover, it's original music!

Juliana Down found fame after appearing at DOMF. (SUPPLIED)

If you're bored of the limited musical choices (house, R&B, hip-hop anyone?) that seem to have taken over Dubai's clubs and venues, fret not, as the emirate's favourite live music event is back for its third year.

The Dubai Original Music Festival (DOMF), which is scheduled to take place today at Dubai Women's College, will feature a variety of UAE-based musicians from all over the world playing a variety of genres.

This year, a total of 15 artists from 12 different countries have been confirmed to appear. They will include artists performing easy-listening soft rock, Arabic, jazz, new-age, classical guitar, classical piano, pop, gypsy, flamenco and rock.

"There's something for everyone to enjoy," Johnny Miller, founder of the DOMF tells Emirates Business. "Within Dubai there is an undiscovered pool of musical talent, but there usually isn't a forum to display it."

Founded in 2006, DOMF has gone from strength to strength, and has seen some of the UAE's biggest homegrown artists – including Abri and Juliana Down – appear in previous editions.

Miller insists, though, this is not a competition like Pop Idol. "There will be no prizes or big record deals at the end of it, merely the opportunity to present their work at a professional event and to show Dubai music lovers the talent within their own community," he says. "As we discovered last year the talent on show was truly amazing."