Royal blue riddle on the dial

If you want to have the pleasure of owning a timepiece with years of history under its dial, then treat yourself to the Dh4 million Royal Blue Tourbillon by Swiss watchmaker Ulysse Nardin.

This watch, that was launched by the company earlier this year is a limited edition of 30 pieces and if you want it then you should place an order at the Ulysse Nardin outlet at Bin Hendi, because already there is a waiting list for this coveted piece of horology.

Rolf Schnyder, President, Ulysse Nardin, told Emirates Business: "The Royal Blue is a mystery tourbillon and this hand-crafted work of art completes the Royal Blue Tourbillon collection and is limited to 30 pieces.

"Also, as blue is the colour of royalty and mystery, so also, the Royal Blue is a mystery tourbillon of incomparable elegance, combining aesthetics with the high art of mechanical watchmaking.

"This is because, it requires a highly skilled precious stone cutter to cut each diamond and sapphire to perfection to fit the elaborate platinum case.

"The actual setting of the 432 baguettes is executed by a master jeweller. The 432 baguette diamonds weigh 27.77 carats. 230 diamonds are baguette cut and 202 diamonds are of trapezoidal. 176 blue sapphire baguettes adorn the rounded shape of the case. The sapphire crown fitted with eight; baguette diamonds further emphasizes the delicacy of this true jewel.

"Bridges and main plates are crafted in blue sapphire, making the flying tourbillon itself float in an empty space. The movement parts are skeletonised and aligned in perfect symmetry. The winding system is invisible, further adding to the mystery. Despite the total transparency of this extraordinary movement (constructed along the principles of Le Locle's most famous watchmaker – James Pellaton) one wonders what holds the flying tourbillon, which is revolving weightlessly in its cage. The interior of the platinum bezel is set with diamonds and blue sapphires to read the time. When winding the movement a miraculous force is setting cogs and wheels in different places in motion, completing the mystery of the Royal Blue."

Founded in 1846, Ulysse Nardin was named after its founder, Ulysse Nardin, an accomplished watchmaker. Nardin first trained in horology under his father, Leonard-Frederic Nardin, and perfected his skills under the tutelage of Frederic William Dubois and Louis JeanRichard-dit-Bressel, two master watchmakers whose fame extended beyond the mountains of Neuchatel, Switzerland.

In 1983, Ulysse Nardin was purchased by Rolf Schnyder. At about the same time, Schnyder discovered Dr Ludwig Oechslin, a scientist, inventor, historian and watch-maker extraordinaire.

In a unique relationship of professional cooperation and personal friendship, Schnyder and Oechslin created timepieces that had never before existed.

Since 1846 the company has been the recipient of 4300 awards, including 18 highly coveted gold medals.

In its over 150 years of history, Ulysse Nardin had been widely respected as a specialist in marine chronometers. Among the most reliable and accurate ever made, Ulysse Nardin's marine chronometers are still sought by collectors around the world, and have seen service with the navies of some 50 countries.

Summing up the Royal Blue Tourbillon Schnyder "The creation of this outstanding timekeeper needs the teamwork of the master designer of watch movements, of the highly skilled stone cutter but also the case designer and last but not least my input in regards of how the final product should look like to fit into the Ulysse Nardin philosophy and product range."


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