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22 May 2024

Signature may have the secret to your success

Dhyani Vrajkishor says changing your signature can help to change your life. (SUPPLIED)

By Reena Amos Dyes

The world was a pretty competitive place before the global financial crisis engulfed all our lives. Now with the meltdown resulting in businesses folding up all around us and with redundancies becoming the norm businesses and individuals need all the help they can get to escape the downturn unscathed.

Help is at hand in the garb of a signature expert who claims that if your career or business needs a little push in the right direction then changing your signature can help alter the course of your destiny for the better.

Dhyani Vrajkishor, a 61-year-old astrologer, numerologist and signature expert from India is in Dubai these days to meet some of his clients in the emirates' real estate sector.

Vrajkishor who has been studying signatures for the last 31 years told Emirates Business: "Signature reading is a science and if practiced by a qualified expert it can help businesses and individuals do a lot better. It not only helps to alter the course of your destiny for the better it also helps businesses to choose the right person to lead their company."

This is because a signature can provide an insight into your nature, leanings, integrity, compatibility with the policies and mission of the company that is planning to hire you and say about your past, present and future.

Signature reading is a branch of graphology closely linked to acrophonology. Just as a person's behaviour, posture, face and mannerisms give people insight into your personality, in the same way experts can read your signature to find out about your past, present, future and hidden traits.

Vrajkishor explained: "The way you sign your name, the use of dots, lines, the height of the letters, the way you cut them with a line, the height of the first and the last letter, the loops can tell an expert a lot about you as what you writer flows from your mind to the hand. In fact, even though most people don't realise it no two signatures of a person are the same because your signature will always be affected by what is going on in your mind. A layman will not be able to make this out but for an expert it is easy to spot.

"This is where businesses make use of my services. A lot of real estate companies in Dubai hire my services to analyse the signature of senior managers they are planning to hire.

"I help them find out before hand how profitable the person will be for the company in terms of his compatibility, honesty, work ethics etc.

"In fact a lot of professionals also seek my help to alter the course of their destiny by making simple changes in their signatures. This is because we can get rid of the negativity in our lives by altering our signature and doing it in the correct way."

How Acrophonology is used

Acrophonology is an ancient science of name analysis using letter qualities.

According to astrologers there is order in the universe, i.e. placement of the planets. Initials carry this same energy and this same order. Acrophonology, the movement of sound (phono) across space (acro)-correlates every letter in the alphabet with a planet, giving you a quick and easy method for understanding your name and how it influences you! The letters in your name create a magnetic field that attracts you to the experiences, people and places you need to realise your potential.

The alphabets from A to I are classified as follows: A – Sun, B – Moon, C – Jupiter, D – Rahu or Dragon's head, E – Mercury, F – Venus, G – Neptune, H – Saturn, I – Mars.

The same pattern is repeated after that with the next nine letters from J to R being named after the planets and then it repeats itself from S to Z.

Each letter is given a value in accordance to the order of its appearance. For example A is equal to the number 1, B is 2, C is 3, D is 4, E is 5, F is 6, G is 7, H is 8, I is 9. The same order is repeated right until the end. Then the harmony between the numbers in the name and in the date of birth is calculated to find out about you and your future.

Reading signatures      


- Cutting the alphabet

- Dots under lines

- Gaps

- Overlaps

- Over blending


- Signature should be proportionate

- The first letter should be prominent and should tower over the rest of the letters

- Letters should go from down to up and should not be too complicated

Graphology used in business

Graphology is the study and analysis of handwriting especially in relation to human psychology. Graphology is used for employee and business profiling.

In employee profiling a company takes a writing sample provided by an applicant, and proceeds to do a personality profile, matching the congruency of the applicant with the ideal psychological profile of employees in the position.

Business compatibility is also done. It can be done for an individual to find out how compatible the individual is, with each employee in the company and can also be done division wide. It reveals how compatible the individual is, with each employee in the division.It is also done for unit managers to explore the differences in personal style between a manager, co-worker and potential employee.

Composite reports to explore the difference in personal style in every employee in a group are also done.

The idea is for each member of the group to learn not only their own strengths and weakness, but also those of their co-workers, and how they can more harmoniously work together.

The end result is on how each of the employee can maximise productivity and minimise personal friction in the company.