Wheels of fortune turn for you

Anything can be achieved within this Asanti series says its maker, from single accent stones to well over Dh7.3 million worth of gems. (SUPPLIED)

In an emirate full of Bugattis, Ferraris, Bentley's, Rolls-Royces, Cadillacs and Lamborghinis, how do you set your favourite ride apart from the crowd?

You can spend thousands on accessories, latest gizmos, lights or even customise your car but all these won't get you the kind of attention you crave for.

If you really want the eyeballs, then all you have to do is pick up the phone and place an order for Asanti's diamond encrusted rims.

If the name does not ring a bell then maybe this piece of information will jog your memory.

In 2005 Asanti was on the most expensive list for their wheels that were encrusted with cubic zirconium weighing 63,000 carats.

Those rims cost Dh918,200. Not satisfied with that, the company decided to come out with the Asanti Forged Stone series and they encrusted their rims with the real thing this time – diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies. You name it, they have it.

At the Semaauto show in 2006, they sported the world's first diamond encrusted rims that had 110,000 carats of genuine gemstones and whoever bought the rims were being given a free Bentley Continental GT to go with the fabulous wheels.

Of course, the price tag is as cool as the rims themselves with a set costing Dh3.7 million.

The Asanti Forged Stone series come sin all sizes from 19 inches to 30 inch wheels in different finishes like chrome, powder coat in black and white or two-tone chrome and colour accent or in colours to match the vehicle.

Aaron DeWitt, marketing director Asanti Wheels, told Emirates Business: "Asanti saw the opportunity to truly expand on the customisation of the wheel industry and offer their elite clients a product that was truly unique in every way. The Asanti Stone Series allows the creative aspects of jewellry to be applied to the face of most designs. Anything can be achieved within this series, from single accent stones to well over Dh7.3 million worth of stones. This series is designed for the individual seeking the ultimate in luxury wheels. This concept is exclusive to the Asanti Wheel line.

"Our clients range from successful executives and entrepreneurs to athletes and movie stars."

Asanti was established in 2003 as a Luxury Forged Wheel Line by Lexani Wheel Corporation in Corona, USA. The product was first launched in the US at the Sema show in 2003. To ensure the Asanti quality, standard colour finishes feature three coats of oven baked powder followed by two coats of clear. Their custom colour finishes feature three coats of high quality automotive grade paint with two coats of clear for a deep lustrous finish. Asanti features over 60 design options and over 1,000 combinations of sizes and finishes. DeWitt explained the manufacturing process behind their three-piece forged wheels.

"A typical set of Asanti wheels can take up to a week to make while the customised ones encrusted with precious stones can take up to 12 weeks as these are handmade. Asanti wheels are typically manufactured utilising four main elements.

"The face of the wheel, an inner hub, an outer finished hub and the rivets to hold the wheel together. These wheels are commonly referred to as three-piece or multi-piece wheels. The inner and outer hub are manufactured from forged 6061 Aerospace grade aluminum heat treated to T-6.

"The face of the wheel is typically triple plated chrome finished.

"The rivets are also custom designed. All Asanti wheels can be customised with thousands of available finishes," DeWitt said.