Aamir Khan works round-the-clock - only for Sanjay Dutt

The actor has added more to his regular schedule to ensure Sanjay can finish his work on ‘Peekay’

With just four weeks left for his jail sentence, actor Sanjay Dutt is working round the clock to finish his pending film work. And, he’s got enough support from his Bollywood peers to ensure he meets the deadline.

Aamir Khan has apparently altered his film schedule to help Sanjay complete Raj Kumar Hirani’s ‘Peekay’.

It is reported that the actor is seen rushing from one film set to another without raising any objection. Although his time was initially reserved  for ‘Dhoom3’, he has accommodated ‘Peekay’ as well.

‘Peekay’ is a very important film for Aamir and any change in the casting may impact director Hirani’s vision and the budgets. So, Aamir has been very accommodating and has been shooting round the clock for the films, something he has never done otherwise.

Even the makers of ‘Dhoom 3’ have been equally accommodating and have ensured that Aamir is let off for the ‘Peekay’ shoot in time.

Aamir has been working tirelessly at the Reliance Studios at Film City, where the set of ‘Dhoom 3’ is being recreated.

Normally, Aamir never works on two films, and ensures the schedules don’t overlap.

But, keeping in mind Sanjay’s predicament, Aamir is willing to go the extra mile.

Interesting that friendships do matter even in the superficial world of Bollywood.


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