Aishwarya shops with brown-eyed Aaradhya

A fan who got a close look at Baby B tweeted has pretty eyes and eyelashes

During Aishwarya Rai's recent trip to London, the mother and her seven-month-old daughter went shopping for baby clothes at a high-end designer store in UK’s Oxfordshire County.

A young fan who spotted the Bollywood star made a request for an autograph and even got a close view of Aaradhya who was being held in a pouch, reveals

Anisah was obviously in seventh heaven at being allowed to get a close peep at the little darling, whose face has been kept out of the media glare so far.

However, an excited Anisah tweeted Aaradhya's looks, which soon went viral, as Aishwarya and Bachchan family's fans are desperate to know what Baby B looks like.

Anisah tweeted: "Her eyes are pretty, they're brown, though. She has long eyelashes; the shape is like Aishwarya's though I think. She is really cute; she has pretty eyes and eyelashes! She's a bit browner than Aishwarya but very cute. She (Aishwarya) was really nice and friendly. And Aaradhya was very cute! Aishwarya had her in a pouch and showed me her face properly!"

Going by the fan's description it would seem that Baby B has inherited her dad, Abhishek Bachchan's features, especially the eyes. But like grandfather Amitabh Bachchan had tweeted after the birth of his granddaughter that the colour of baby's eyes keep changing and even if they don't change, it will make any difference in the baby or her family's life.


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