Akshay Kumar speaks about rumours

Recently a magazine had quoted Akshay saying that he would playa  afther only when his son started acting. Akshay refutes the statement. "I never said that. my son Aarav loves drawing and he is showing a lot of interest there. So I would rather let him do what he wants to.

Khiladi Kumar also denied that he had mentioned that the Khans needed holidays to release their films in another interview. "I never made that statement," says Kumar, surprised.

And moving on to his actress turned author wife, Twinkle Khanna, Akshay is pretty happy seeing her new side. "I am not surprised. I see that funny side of her every day. She has a much better sense of humour than I do. Mine is a very different sense of humour. I have a Punjabi kind of humour in me to be accurate," he guffaws.

Rumours brushed aside, Akshay feels that him doing comedy regularly has  not affected life of acomedians. it ahs been noticed in the past few years that mainstream heroes have taken to doing negative roles as well as comic roles, leading to comedians complaining that hey do not have much work. Akshay brushes the statements aside. "There are over 200 films being made every year. There are so many comedy shows on TV, there is so much comedy taking place in ads and on the digital medium too. So there is a lot of work," he says.

Having said that Akshay proceeds to talk about legends like Amitabh Bachchan and Kishore Kumar. "They have been doing comedy for many years. "Kishoreda has done comedy in most of his films. Amitji did a great job in the film Desh Premee, which is one of my favourites. I just followed what some of the great people did," he argues.

Not one to argue with such convincing logic, we move on. to Lara Dutta Lara is back with Akshay in Prabhu Deva's Singh is Bliing.

"Lara and I have worked in 13 films together. I asked her to come on board for a crucial character of a translator in the film. She adds to the fun in the film. Amy Jackson doesn't know to to speak Hindi and Lara comes in as a translator and instead to helping me in the romance with Amy, she breaks it apart with her translations," says Akshay.

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