Anushka Sharma blasts media obsessed with her and Virat Kohli

(File) Indian cricketer Virat Kohli and actress Anushka Sharma attend the Vogue Beauty Awards 2015 on July 21 in Mumbai. (Sanskriti Media and Entertainment)

Anushka Sharma is having an impact on Hindi cinema in more ways than one.

The actress dares to raise her voice about sexism in the industry, wage disparity; she is a feisty woman who does a fabulous job of producing and acting.

The 27-year old actress' impressive filmography shows her to be a person who attempts to walk her talk.

But all these and much more has been over-shadowed for most of 2015-16 by her relationship with India's star cricketer Virat Kohli.

Every interview she gave, press conferences she attended to highlight her work was lost in media's insatiable interest in her personal life.

Anushka's 'split-patch up story’ always grabbed the paparazzi flashbulbs. On the contrary, Virat was hounded less by press on his relationship and his on-field blustering swag was more on focus.

From the beginning, the couple was open about their affair and never hid from the public glare.

The couple's alleged separation which piqued a lot of interest in media, received equally publicity.

When the two got back together, they preferred to lie low and hide from the cameras.

In a candid interview with a leading film magazine, Anushka spoke at length that why she is quiet about her current 'relationship status' with the Indian cricket team captain.

When asked to comment on her personal life, the actress was on back foot and replied, "I won't talk about it."

On being probed further, the actress stated, "Fair enough. I will tell you why I don't want to talk about it. I was open about my relationship because I thought that's me handling something maturely and I expected people also to handle it maturely. But I feel not everyone knows how to do that. All they are interested is in scoops. 'Oh! They met.' - If you are dating someone you will meet them, right?

"How can meeting someone become such big news? It was just too much. As an actor, I was giving some of my best performances but in an interview, the headline would always be about my personal life."

The actress further added, "This is just a deterrent in my life. The kind of things that happened last the kind of questions they would ask. You are there to talk about a film and they want to ask you stupid-high-school-kids-questions like how did you meet each other.

Grow up man! In the West too, actors date each other, are married, but when you read their personal interviews, their personal life is just a part of it.

"But here interviews just become about your personal life. And I'm part of entertainment industry, I can't shy away from this. Actors abroad are protected. They are not allowed to talk to anyone. But I don't have this kind of filter. Anyone can ask me anything here. So this was the decision I had to take."