Ash, Kajol, Kareena: 30-plus beauties rule

Ash, Kajol, Kareena: 30-plus beauties rule

30 is the new 20 in Bollywood!

Age was always been a hurdle for commercial heroines and A-list actresses in Indian cinema. Banking on glamour quotients they would often find themselves losing out in the race.

It was an almost unwritten rule that as soon as a female star touched 30, she would either get married or resort to playing elder roles to the very heroes she romanced on screen till a few years ago.

Indeed Bollywood has come of age. No longer are actresses considered over the hill the moment they turn 25, instead, actress touching 40, are very much out there and rocking!

Take a look at some of these 30 plus actresses...


KAREENA KAPOOR, September 21, 1980 (age 32 years)

PRIYANKA CHOPRA, July 18, 1982 (age 30 years)


VIDYA BALAN, January 1, 1978 (age 34 years)

 AISHWARYA RAI BACHCHAN, November 1, 1973 (age 38 years)


RANI MUKHERJEE, March 21, 1978 (age 34 years) 

MADHURI DIXIT, May 15, 1967 (age 45 years)

SRIDEVI, August 13, 1963 (age 49 years)

KAJOL, August 5, 1974 (age 38 years)

BIPASHA BASU, January 7, 1979 (age 33 years)

SUSHMITA SEN, November 19, 1975 (age 36 years)

LARA DUTTA, April 16, 1978 (age 34 years)

SHILPA SHETTY, June 8, 1975 (age 37 years)

PREITY ZINTA, January 31, 1975 (age 37 years)

URMILA MATONDKAR, February 4, 1974 (age 38 years)


Images courtesy: GETTY IMAGES/AFP
Text courtesy: Wikipedia