Balachandra Menon thrilled by Dubai audience

Balachandra Menon, one of the most popular Malayalam filmmakers, is trying to stage a comeback to the film industry after a long break of seven years.  Last week, the director, actor, script writer, singer, producer, composer organized a private screening of his latest movie, ‘Njan Samvidhanam Cheyum (I will Direct), at Dubai's Novo Cinemas, Hyatt Regency for his fans in the UAE. Menon was excited to see a houseful show for the movie, which received a lukewarm response in Kerala. 

Menon regrets that his new film did not receive the kind of hype and attention that the earlier Balachandran movies received, mainly due to negative and immature social media reviews, but the talented director is not ready to give up and has announced plans for his next movie too. The recipient of civilian prizes including Padmasree, Balachandra Menon is a household name for Keralites all over the world. It is a movie about the film industry about a  film enthusiast who works in the National Film Development Corporation and the main character, Krishna Prasad, played by Menon, clashes with his boss and resigns from his job.

KPR Pillai, producer of his last movie reassured his continued support for Menon, who has plans for more movies. Many of the heroes and supporting actors in the Malayalam film industry were introduced through Balachandra Menon movies. A film journalist turned film maker, he was hospitalized for some time and is coming back to the screen after seven years and the new movie proves  that he has still got the energy and talent.

Balachandra Menon, known as the talented film maker of yesteryears is credited with many hit Malayalam movies and the director who boldly introduced new heroines through his movies. He has directed 40 hit movies in four decades, acted in over 100 movies, and introduced many talented heroines ranging from Shobhana, Karthika, Parvathy, and Annie. In his new movie too he gives Sreedhanya, an important role.

“It was a real good experience to be in the midst of my well wishers in Dubai,” said the 61 years old Menon, who is trying to become active in the social media too.

“I don’t know why the movie did not get much attention in Kerala. One probable reason could be lack of proper marketing and publicity, using the social media to influence the youngster viewers. The film was overshadowed by the other hit movies like Ennnu Ninte Moideen,” said Moideen Koya, actor who attended the movie preview in Dubai. “He himself said the gap of seven years in his career in which he could not catch up with the new marketing trend of new generation movies. He is still a good and talented film talent and he has a bright future in the film industry,” said Koya.

Balachandra Menon, nick named as the jack of all trade in the film industry, has said he was pained to see that the latest venture, a movie focused on the life of a  man who devotes his life for cinema, did not get proper attention and his fans in Dubai arranged a special screening. Menon who was away from the silver screen for several years due to his illness and other personal reasons has announced plans for his next movie too during the Dubai screening of his movie, Njan Samvidhanam Cheyyum.

“I was pained to see responses to my new film, even before the film hit the screens and after its release, it has turned for the worse. We have no problems to get constructive criticism, but this is a bit too much," Menon told Indian media.

“I am proud and happy to tell you that the audience really enjoyed every moment of it which unfortunately went unnoticed in Kerala. Producer KPR Nair and leading heroines Gayathri and Daksina flew down to join me and also to harvest tons of encomiums from the viewers,” he wrote on his Facebook page about the Dubai screening of his movie. Many viewers wondered as to why the movie did not get the attention it deserved. Typical Balachandra Menon movies told the story of family tales in a unique style and a generation is influenced by the family and human values upheld in the movies like Achuvettante Veedu, April 18, Karyam Nissaram, Tharattu, Anioyatha Valaka –all time hit movies that influenced a generation of Kerala.

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