Beyonce, Jay-Z indulge Blue Ivy

Blue Ivy celebrated her second birthday (Iam.Beyonce.com)

Beyonce and Blue both got their faces painted. (Iam.Beyonce.com)

Jay-Z helped Blue as she tried out a new four-wheeled toy. (Iam.Beyonce.com)

Blue wore a safari hat as she and Beyonce checked out the sweet treats on offer. (Iam.Beyonce.com)

Blue Ivy's birthday cake. (Iam.Beyonce.com)

Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams (pictured with a friend at Beyonce's daughter's birthday). (Iam.Beyonce.com)

Beyonce enjoyed herself as she fed the animals as Blue's incredible birthday bash. (Iam.Beyonce.com)





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