Bigg Boss 7, Day 31: Kushal protects Gauhar and attacks Tanisha

Reality show Bigg Boss 7 contestant Tanisha yelling at another housemate Gauhar Khan (not in the picture). (SUPPLIED)

It was still midnight and Sangram and Kushal decide to get mischievous with Andy. Sangram tries to disturb him while he is sleeping by tickling him and  throwing chappals.

After Andy wakes up, Sangram puts the blame on Kushal and Andy starts hitting Kushal instead.

Finally, when Sangram accepts that he is the real culprit, Andy runs behind him and starts hitting and abusing him.

He further gets offended by Kushal’s comments and asks him to stop making distasteful comments right away.

Later, Andy finds Sangram crying in his bed and he decides to wake him up and solve the matter.

He takes him outside in the garden area and asks him to put an end to the issue. Andy also adds that he will not forgive Kushal for whatever he has done today.

After the wake-up call, morning did not seem to be good for the heaven-mates as they had to sleep without their beds near the pool area.

They wake up cranky and complaining about the previous night.

While having breakfast, Elli starts whining over the parathas being overcooked.

She goes inside the house and complains about it to Gauhar who tells her to go out of the house as it’s against the rule of the task.

Elli rushes out crying and tells Tanisha that Gauhar is over reacting and acting rude.

Tanisha goes inside with Elli and orders Gauhar to put butter on it.

Gauahar and Kamya find Tanisha’s behaviour inappropriate and say that they are being treated as servants.

Tanisha also blames Gauhar for being biased towards Pratyusha and not stopping her from chatting with the hell-mates when it’s against the rule of the task.

Kushal notices this incident and tells everyone that Tanisha is trying to create a rift between Gauhar and other people in the house.

Kushal gets annoyed at Tanisha and tells her that she should stop troubling Gauhar as she is unwell but still doing all the household work.

Further, Pratyusha and Gauhar clear the air while Kushal consoles Gauhar and asks her to calm down.

Further upset Kamya decides to maintain a distance from Tanisha and Armaan.

Armaan tries to talk to Kamya but she avoids talking to him and tells him that she will discuss the matter with him separately.

In the afternoon, Gauhar tries to talk to Elli and sort out the matter. She goes to her and explains her point of view.

After thinking for a while, Elli comes to Gauhar and tells her that Kamya gave her an overcooked paratha because she does not like her since the very first day.

Later in the day, Bigg Boss gives the housemates a task called Kathghara where the housemates from heaven and hell had to put allegations on each other and provide a justification.

A court like set-up is created in the garden area where Gauhar being the captain is elected to be the judge.

After everybody was done, Tanisha comes forward and accuses Gauhar of being unfair during the task. She accuses her for giving a leeway to Kushal though he was breaking rules while taking action against others who were breaking the rules.

Tanisha tells her that she was being biased and unfair throughout the task and that’s why they could not win the task.

In the evening, Tanisha tries to patch up with Kamya and Pratyusha.

She tells both of them that they are misunderstanding her and she genuinely cares for them.

The day comes to an end with Elli apologizing to Kamya about the food fiasco that took place in the morning.

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