'BIGG BOSS 7': Making of 'Good' & 'Bad' Salman Khan is revealed

Salman Khan plays a devil and angel for 'Bigg Boss 7' promotional campaign

Indian reality show 'Bigg Boss' is back with season 7. The host of the show, Bollywood actor Salman Khan, recently shot a promotional campaign; in the promos, Salman is seen playing a double role - angel and devil.

While the angel Salman will represent the 'Wow' of heaven, his devil form will depict 'Aow' of hell. And the viewer will get to see both his avatars 'saath saath' only on Bigg Boss Season Saath!

Salman plays the gatekeeper of both heaven and hell.

Salman embraces the evil first. Dressed in a black hooded jacket, black vest and matching black pants, the actor looks every bit the part. He paces the floor with his usual swagger, his lips curled in a casual half-smile. He quickly gives five long shots back-to-back within the span of 20 minutes.

The good side of Salman is dressed in a long white robe. In the garb of an angel Salman gets into the character.

In each season, the actor has added charm to the show with his wit and humor, however, this season; he will be seen in a double role.

Well, who doesn't want double dose of Salman in one show?

This will be Salman Khan's fourth straight year in a row as the host of Bigg Boss. He had co-hosted Bigg Boss 5 with close friend Sanjay Dutt.

This year the reality show will go on air in September instead of its usual month November.

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