BIGG BOSS: Rakhi Sawant to take on Salman Khan?

Rakhi Sawant shares a tumultuous relationship with Bigg Boss. After all she was embroiled in a series of cat fights in the very first edition of Bigg Boss.

If Pooja Bedi, who was a contestant in the previous edition, is to be believed, Rakhi's entry into Bigg Boss is iminent. Pooja tweeted: “Bumped into rakhi sawant at the airport..& interestingly.., she's going to be chatting with salman on #BB6 this week!”

Now, the Bigg Boss management is quite desperate to ensure that their TRPs don't nosedive, especially since Navjot Singh Sidhu has left the house to carry out his political duties. To be truthful, the remaining contestants are not really crowd pullers, hence Bigg Boss needs an injection of some spice or the show could soon be renamed 'Bigg Bore".

According to the rumours doing the rounds, Shweta Tiwari, the winner of Bogg Boss 5 is also in the process of being roped into the house yet again. However, she cannot make up her mind whether she wants to be locked inside the house again or not. The jury is still out on that one.

However, Rakhi seems to have accepted the offer readily as she firmly believes that any publicity is good publicity.

She has been in the news recently after a senior Indian politician, Digvijay singh, tweeted some nasty comments about Rakhi. The outspoken dame picked up the gauntlet and took to the media to vent her frustration.

But it is still not clear if Rakhi will only be seen in conversation with Salman or whether she will actually pay a visit to the 'house'. Watch this space for further updates.

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