Bipasha Basu is Team Salman Khan's new cheerleader

The actress is the new brand ambassador of Celebrity Cricket League

Who wouldn't like to be branded as Salman Khan's friend?

Everybody in the Hindi film industry tries to wriggle into actor Salman Khan's good graces. Why should it be different for Bipasha Basu?

The numero uno star of Hindi cinema has a clout in the industry which nobody can deny; for more details follow Vivek Oberio, Himesh Reshemiya's downfall and Katrina Kaif's rise.

As for Bipasha, post her break-up with John Abraham, she is emerging as one of the many Salman Khan girls in tinsel town.

It is a known fact that Salman and John Abraham were not exactly on the best of terms few years back. No one knows what irked Salman but rumours suggest that they had issues during a world tour that they did many years back. Since Bipasha was dating John around that time, she maintained a distance from Salman.

But now that John is out of the picture she's keen on bridging the divide, and she is doing a good job at it.

Bipasha has been rewarded as the brand ambassador for Celebrity Cricket League 3 (CCL). Salman, the ubiquitous ambassador, is the force behind CCL.

Cricket and Films are next to religion in India and have huge fan following in every segment of the society and now Celebrity Cricket (CCL) has successfully married the two.

Earlier Kagana Ranuat, Sonakshi Sinha were the face of this league.

Bipasha Basu, the newly appointed brand ambassador seemed super excited about her new found status.

Bipasha and Salman were never great friends but they were not enemies either. With her renewed efforts and extension of olive branch, Salman Khan obliged.

Recently, the actress also featured on Salman Khan's reality show Bigg Boss. Bipasha launched her fitness DVD 'Breakfree' on the show and also interacted with the contestants of the show.

Bipasha danced with the contestants and shared some fitness tips.

So is it time for Katrina, Sonakshi Sinha and Zarine Khan to step aside and make space for the new Khan girl?

Bipasha has been a regular at Galaxy Apartments (Salman Khan's home) for various festivals for the last two years. She has been messaging him quite often these days, and they even seem to have discovered a shared passion for poetry. She has introduced Salman to her favourite couplets and lines.

All the efforts of the past two years seems to be finally bring in some dividends for Bipasha Basu.


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