Bollywood actress in phone fight on flight

Prinyanka Chopra claims she was verbally abused by a fellow passenger (SUPPLIED)

Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra who allegedly used her mobile phone on an Emirates flight from Mumbai to Dubai has denied putting passenger safety at risk.

The 28-year-old actress claims she was verbally abused by a fellow passenger Dr Fayaz Shawl, according to a report in '7Days'.

She said: “The aircraft was on the tarmac when I finished an important call. By then this man was screaming. He dropped names and said he knows the Sheikh in Dubai and would get me deported. I took out my credit card and challenged him to make a call to the Sheikh right there from the aircraft’s paid phone.”

Chopra claimed the 60-year-old US-based cardiologist had been drinking and was overly aggressive. “These allegations are a bunch of lies. That man is a lunatic. If it hadn’t been for his old age, I would have slapped him for how he behaved with me on the flight.” She told 'Hindustan Times' that she complained to staff and reported the incident to the captain.

Emirates airline has not made any comment on the matter.

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