Bollywood Buzz: Salman, Sonakshi off to S. Korea

Salman-Sonakshi in South Korea soon!

And now, international locations and beckoning Bollywood a lot more than what they did before.

With increasing budgets of Bollywood movies and with the way Bollywood movies are helping to promote tourism across the world, South Korea, which saw Mukesh bhatt shooting his film Gangster there, is coming back in a big way to woo Sajid Nadiadwala and has requested him to shoot his next film starring Salman Khan and Sonakshi Sinha in their land.

Korea is seriously getting aggressive and has also offered a lot of subsidies to Nadiadwala and his team which includes director Shirish Kunder.

The Korean Foreign Minister will be meeting Nadiadwala during his visit there. Kunder in the meantime has finished around 60 per cent of his shooting for the film Joker starring Sonakshi Sinha and Akshay Kumar.
No Priyanka in Tezz?

It does seem that a section of the media has jumped the gun when it comes to reporting about Priyanka Chopra being approached for an item number for the film Tezz.

Chopra’s name was only just being suggested by unit hands and a mole thought that the information was true and had passed on to his friends in the media.

Well, that was the only hullabaloo about the item. Sameera Reddy is the heroine of the film and she has been billed to do the item number.

The suggestion from the unit hand came only because he felt that a Piggy Chops doing the number would help the film and the unit had even suggested that the filmmakers could take the help of SRK to convince Priyanka to do the item song.

But then the media proved to be sabse tezz or rather too proactive and ensured that the story had its head and tail, but no content.

We wonder whether the media guys will now request Piggy Chops to really do the item number to make their story come true!

Director Priyadarshan as of now denies that Priyanka is even in the film and that she is doing no item number. Watch this space.
Ajay’s SOS can hurt!

Here is a film that has a potential to get into trouble if the content is anyway damaging to the Sikh Community. The Sikh community has often been up in arms against films that have tried to either poke fun of them or representing them in bad light, Big stars from Sunny Deol to Saif Ali Khan and Akshay Kumar have faced the brunt of such attacks when the community has felt outraged over their representation or make that misrepresentation in the movies either due to the customs and traditions being shown wrongly.

A Sikh man is referred to often as a sardar and here is an Ajay Devgn film which is called SOS which in reality is being named as Son of Sardar. The title surely is an asardar (efficient) one and will surely bring in the audiences to watch the film. However, the title may certainly draw a lot of flak by conservative people.

SOS is produced by Ajay Devgn and Babloo Pachisia, it is being directed by Ashwani Dheer and is expected to go on the floors by the end of this calendar year.

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