Bollywood buzz: Sania's new BFF

Sonakshi to cheer for Sania at Wimbledon


The 'Dabangg' girl has got a new friend in Sania Mirza and she will be seen cheering for the tennis star at the forthcoming Wimbledon.

They met for the first time recently in Delhi for a media event and hit it off. She was later taken for dinner by Sania and her cricketer husband Shoaib.

It is reported that Sonakshi will be shooting for Kamal Hassan's 'Vishwaroopa' in the US during that time and would jet in to support her new friend.

If Bollywood sources are to be believed the two girls are in regular touch on Twitter.

‘I cannot survive politics': Govinda

Govinda who restarted a successful second inning in Bollywood with old buddy Salman Khan found it difficult to give hits once his ‘partner’ was out of the scene. Despite some fireworks as reported by the media, the two apparently share the same relationship, or so Govinda claims. “One must not believe the media reports. They have been speculating news about ‘Partner 2’; but till now nothing concrete has come up. The truth is that Salman and I are very good friends and we share a great rapport,” says Govinda.

For a long time Govinda was away from the movies, busy trying his hand in politics. “I believe in doing my job sincerely and history will be created on its own. Who knew that a simple ‘Virar Ka Chhokra’ like me would contest elections from Virar and be successful too,” says the retired politician akin to former superstar Amitabh Bachchan who also said that politics is not his cup of tea. He maintains that Bollywood is his real calling. “I have taken a U-turn in my career because I feel I am meant to be in Bollywood. I could not survive in politics because I do not know how to carry the ‘jhola of raajneeti’. I am a simple man, unable to get the support of a few concerned people. Now I have decided never to tread the path of politics again. I am happy pursuing a profession to which I belong,” says Chi Chi.

Salman’s wish for mother

Salman Khan wishes to see his mother getting slim. Salman Khan who is all set with his upcoming movie Ready prays something different for his mom on Mother’s Day. “I want to see my big mom getting smaller. She is becoming too fat so I pray to God to make her slim. And it is not my wish alone. Mom herself is working very hard to lose weight so I wish to see her have some positive results as well,” says Salman. The actor says anyone can come into shape once they work hard. Someone like Aamir Khan looks wonderful and good enough to play a college student. He did look like on in 3 Idiots. Give me two weeks and I will end up looking like a college student,” he challenges.

Aamir inspires Ekta

Ekta Kapoor doesn’t shy away from saying that she learnt promotion tactics from the king of marketing, Aamir Khan. It’s a known fact that Aamir always promotes his movies in unique and effective style. Following Mr Perfectionist, Ekta Kapoor too tool some easy and effective ways of promoting her upcoming movie Ragini MMS. “Aamir has taught us the best ways of film promotions. He is a genius. He has taught us that promotion cannot be done with money, rather it requires passion. He has inspired us a lot on how to promote a film,” says Ekta.

The filmmaker is promoting the movie by herself and is also visiting every possible place to have maximum exposure. Ekta has also put stickers on auto rickshaws in Mumbai with the punch line Ragini Ka MMS dekha kya?. “Yes, we have thought of promoting the movie in a unique style. We did not put big posters all around because the hoardings are too expensive and our movie doesn’t have a huge budget. We have selected 5,000 autos and gave them five hundred rupees each for promoting our movie,” she concludes.

Immy loves wheels

Like any other 28-year-old, Imran Khan too is fond of fast cars and long drives. But the heartthrob of many prefers to go single on a long drive. The recently married Imran Khan is very passionate about zooming cars and the actor wants to enjoy his time with the ‘beauties’ alone. “I like to go single on a long drive. But yes, at times I would also like to take Avantika (his wife) along with me. I am very passionate about cars like most boys and enjoy driving the best of the lot,” says Imran. Speaking about his first experience behind the wheels the actor says, “I remember the first car that I drove was a Maruti 800. Now in Bollywood if someone has the best cars then it is Sanjay Dutt. He brings top of the line very first in our industry. I would like to have a collection like him. I have a long list of my dream cars. And I can just go on and on with it.” How we wish you’d gear up with your career as well, Immy. Isn’t it high time you went full throttle on that front too?

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