BIGG BOSS: Salman Khan mesmerized by new beauty…

So is there a favourite contestant to win Bigg Boss season 6? Well, if Bollywood’s pied piper has his way, then one young lass is sure to croon her way to glory.

Salman Khan has appreciated Sana Khan’s beauty on more than one occasion.

Recently when his best buddy Sanjay Dutt, who was at the sets to promote his latest film, quizzed him about his favourite contestant, Salman started off with a diplomatic statement. But he couldn’t hang on long. “All are good but Sana is beautiful,” he replied.

Wow! Was he asked about the contestants’ looks? Pardonable, indeed, knowing Salman well. But are winners determined on their beauty? No comments, please.

It may be recalled, Sana Khan had proposed to Salman during the first episode of Season 6. She also used the stage appropriately to shake a leg with her heartthrob then.

And there has been no dearth of rumours that she made it to Season 6 on Salman’s recommendations.

Can we see the most eligible bachelor of Bollywood wearing his heart out? Or is it just another one of his gimmicks for the show?

Well, it is believed that Mahek Chalal had Salman’s backing last season. Certain sections of the media had widely reported that her long stay was thanks to Salman’s ‘interests’.

So, can we expect Sana Khan to pull it off this time? Watch this space for more… 

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