BIGG BOSS: Who will Salman support this time?

All contestants nominated

Drama, screams, wails continue on the reality show Bigg Boss Season 6 but this time it is louder than ever.

Just as the clay house and modern home had merged… Kaboom! There were smiles, laughter, chattering and even gossiping among the now 14 contestants within the enclosed walls.

Earlier 5 lived in the petite mud house after getting evicted while the others remained in the modern one.

But the high voltage drama wasn’t over as the Bigg Boss announced a new twist. This time every single contestant has been nominated. It is now up to the audience to decide whom they would like to see in the house.

Participants in the house await the results with baited breath as three constants will be forced to leave the house and this time for good. Previously only one housemate would be evicted each week.

Lets see who could be voted out this week.

Vishal Karwal:

It has been barely three weeks for this young dimple boy. Although the winner of MTV’s Splitsvilla knows the nitty-gritty of reality shows, Bigg Boss does not seem like his cup of tea. Whenever given a task he has not participated with zest and has always been considered the lowest performer.

Also looks like he does not have a great fan following despite his looks as he was evicted after being nominated for the first time.

Vrajesh Hirjee:

Often seen sitting quietly in a corner of the house, Vrajesh had been voted out only to enter the mud house. Although this small screen comedian seems to have adjusted after entering the previous house, he does not add much spice to the show.

He will either be seen talking to other contestants or performing the tasks with utmost sincerity, hence he could be evicted.

Dinesh Lal Yadav (Nirahua):

Nirahua was voted out in the first week itself and then made a grand entry into the neighbouring house. The Bhojpuri film actor portrayed a very different side of his this time when he protected the cry baby Aashka Goradia from casting director Imam Siddiqui.

After entering this house Nirahua seems to have gone back into his shell and is barely seen on screen.

Watch this space to know who will finally share stage with Salman Khan.

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