Iulia patches up with Salman

It does seem that Iulia has now decided to calm down and accept the ways of the industry.

The girl was spotted now with Salman after an attenuated hiatus when she was angry with Salman for preferring Katrina Kaif over her in a few professional assignments.

Katrina Kaif has been promoted by Salman recently for many films and Iulia has been wanting her job. In fact, Iulia was even angry with Salman for having shown the rushes of Tube light to Katrina rather than her.

Salman has been overprotective about his dear friend Katrina even at the IIFA event launch where Katrina’s innerwear was showing due to her plunging dress. Salman requested all photographers to delete the pictures and they promptly obliged and Katrina’s wardrobe malfunction was kept away from the eyes of the voyeurs.

But after the launch of Salman’s being Human cycles, when a small party was held at sister Arpita Khan’s house, not only did Iulia attend the do, but she also managed to make up with Salman and sat in his car and drove away.

All is well now between Salman and Iulia. We wonder if any official announcement is coming up.