Katrina juggles between Salman & Ranbir

Salman visits Katrina's new house while Ranbir visits the old

Katrina Kaif had been house hunting for years now. Every year, during monsoons, the actress' Bandra house suffers from leaking roof and damp walls.

She wanted a bigger, better home for herself and family. She finally managed to get a spanking new duplex apartment in Lokhandwala, Andheri, Mumbai.

And guess who visited her 12th floor flat in Duplex Heights - Salman Khan.A small house warming party for only very close people.

Katrina has given strict instructions to the security and management of the building. She has even asked her staff to stay quiet about it.

And while Salman KHan paid his visit at her new house a certain Ranbir Kapoor visited Katrina in her old house, a source told Mumbai Mirror.

Actor Ranbir Kapoor may say he is single, but his late night visits to Katrina's house hints otherwise.

He was spotted leaving his rumoured girlfriend Katrina Kaif’s house at 12.45am last week.

Wearing a blue sweatshirt, white trousers and a red cap, Ranbir tried to avoid getting clicked.

Katrina, too, was recently spotted leaving Ranbir’s house one late night.

Looks like Katrina Kaif is adept at juggling roles not just on screen but off it as well.

And she juggles well between good friend Salman and Ranbir as well.

Both Ranbir and Katrina maintain that they are just friends but than why do they meet each other only during wee hours.

Why do both actors not meet in daylight like they do with other friends?

Katrina has no issues being spotted with Salman Khan and his family so why the hesitation of being spotted with Ranbir.

The frequency of their visit to each other's pad is increasing and hopefully we get to hear something very soon.

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