Sunny Leone can be more dangerous than Katrina Kaif

Bollywood actress Sunny Leone. (Pic: Twitter)

Everything you ever wanted to know about your favourite Bollywood celeb is, literally, just a click away. Yet, online searches can prove harmful for your computers.

According to a new study in India, tracking Bollywood bombshells like Sunny Leone and Katrina Kaif could prove the most dangerous by tagging along killer viruses.

A recent survey held by Indian software security agency found searches for Sunny Leone recording 9.95 per cent chances of carrying viruses.

A quick search for “Sunny Leone” on Google recorded “about 66,100,000 results”, and Katrina Kaif stood close behind with “about 50,900,000 results”.

Talking to the Indian media, Lubna Markar, senior marketing manager India and South Asia, McAfee, said, “India is a Bollywood-crazy country and cyber criminals use this passion for their criminal activities.”

Katrina Kaif, who topped the list last year, has stepped down to second rank at 8.25 per cent, followed by Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra.

Interestingly, in a list that names only Bollywood beauties, there’s one lone actor who features, and that’s Salman Khan. He stepped in at place 8, one rank above his ex-beau Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

The study carried over two-months had tracked popular search engines like Google, Yahoo! And Bing.

Although some internet users are aware of the threat some of these names carry, the researchers claimed they could never fathom how damaging they could get.

“Any malware infected site can use information for identity theft, monetary fraud, monitoring the user’s activity and even for misuse of the computer as a device that perpetuates other cybercrimes,” Markar was reported telling the media.

The most dangerous celebs of 2012

Sunny Leone:  9.95 per cent

Katrina Kaif:  8.25 per cent

Kareena Kapoor:  6.67 per cent

Priyanka Chopra:  6.5 per cent

Bipasha Basu:  5.58 per cent

Vidya Balan:  5.33 per cent

Deepika Padukone:  4.92 per cent

Salman Khan:  4.83 per cent

Aishwarya Rai :  4.58 per cent

Poonam Pandey:  4.25 per cent

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