Saif wants a shift in timings for Taimur


Normally Bollywood films have their daily shooting schedules that start at 9 am in the morning and end at 9 pm.  But if ‘Chef’ Ali Khan has his way he wants to change the timings all over again to suit his parental needs.

Saif wants to spend a lot of time with son Taimur and he feels that it is important for him to work the right shift. “If I have a 7 to 7 shift then I see him in the morning and when I return from my shoot I can spend some time with him. 

If you shoot 9 to 9 or the wrong shift I cannot spend time with him. I have seen this earlier as well when actors shoot multiple shifts they could not spend time with their parents as well.

I think this is an important thing in my film Chef as well on how to give time to my children,” says the actor.

But Saif says that they have learnt their lessons. “We are more conscious and we balance it nowadays. I am still lucky. We have help at home. My wife and I try and balance it and spend time because one of us is always around. But some people cannot do that. The have to support their kids as well and hence need to work.

But what I stress on is the balance. You have to make sure that you handle your life with both work and pleasure and that means that you have to take the middle path and do a bit of everything in moderation,” philosophises the actor.