Ash and Abhishek's Beti B gets a name... in secret

Papa Abhishek reveals that a name has been shortlisted, but refuses to divulge it

What’s in a name, one wonders? For the Bachchans, quite a lot actually, who have been secretly guarding the name of their little one ever since she was born three months ago.

Guess the name of ‘Beti B’ (as she’s been tagged by the media) has become a national pastime for fans and the press, with stories and fabrications doing the rounds over social media sites and the papers since her birth last November.

However, as the frenzy reaches fever pitch, father Abhishek Bachchan has finally decided to put speculations to rest, releasing a statement on the sidelines of the National Indian Leadership Forum where he was a guest speaker.

When a reporter quizzed the actor why no photo or name of Aishwarya’s and his daughter was being released, he said: “I understand where this question is coming from, but people don’t understand where the answer comes from, and I mean this with complete humility.

“I don’t think a photograph is something I need to release. She’s a baby. Yes, I understand that the love and affection of our audiences places us where we are, you want to share in that, fine, but I’m not very comfortable saying “Oh here, here is a photograph of my baby,” and let me release it here.”

He added: “…I’ve asked a lot of my friends for suggestions for names, but Aishwarya and wanted the whole family to be involved in naming the baby.

“We don’t believe in any ceremony in terms of namkaran (christening) and all ...I mean, we’ve got a name, and I'll announce it very soon, but in terms of releasing a photograph you know I... if people see her in everyday life that’s fine by me but I just think releasing the photograph is a very pompous thing to do.”

He concluded by saying he wants his daughter to grow up a normal girl like he did.

Bachchan also added that Aaliya most certainly not the name they have kept for his daughter.

And the wait continues…

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