Bollywood's next star: Aishwarya’s Aaradhya or Aamir’s Azad

With Bollywood explicitly favouring star kids and their influential lineage over little-known actors, it’s only a matter of time before these tiny toddlers and teenagers take the centrestage in India cinema.

We list out some of our favourites and who we’d think will make the cut for a glorious run at stardom.

Topping our list is, most obviously, Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan’s one-year-old baby girl Aaradhya, who has attained a fan following of her own.

From her numerous international trips, to her famous mother’s incessant obsession to cover her up, to her celebrated granddad’s blushing tweets about her, Aaradhya has been consistently building an impressive public image from the moment she was born.

Even her naming ceremony was the most documented, with speculations over what “Beti B” would be called headlining most Bollywood and international entertainment publications.

Soon after her face was unveiled at Bachchan senior’s big birthday bash, Aaradhya has been making a few public appearances. In fact, at a recent public event that was held to honour her mom, the little Bachchan stole the limelight.

Considering she has been in the spotlight ever since she was born, we think she’s definitely going to make the cut for B-town.

Following close behind is Azad Rao Khan, who unlike Aaradhya has been fairly at ease with the media attention. No cover-up for this new kid on the block.

And, for that we’d credit his actor-dad Aamir Khan and filmmaker-mother Kiran for being fairly relaxed.

Looking at his gene pool, Azad will have no problem charming his way into our hearts. If his dad’s charming skills are anything to go by, then it’d be a cake walk for little Azad.

Also, hoping to start early is Shilpa Shetty’s little boy Viaan, who is more aware of his image than his peers.

From an exclusive twitter account, to tweeting to his baby pal Aaradhya on her birthday, Viaan has ensured he’s in the news… and, for the right reasons.

Under the watchful eyes of his actor-mother, Viaan is slowly building a portfolio that would help him race ahead in the Bollywood glam business.

He might be covered up like his celeb buddy Aaradhya but he sure knows how to use his B’town clout.

Among the older kids, we’d put our money on Shah Rukh Khan’s boy Aryan. With his famed dad constantly tweeting about his achievements and his photographes, he’s already blessed with an impressive portfolio.

He’s already done with his acting debut with a bit role in ‘Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gum’ as his dad’s younger screen image.

With such an influential dad by his side, there’d be no stopping him if he eventually decides to take the plunge. From uncle-filmmaker Karan Johar, to aunt-filmmaker Farah Khan, he’d have numerous experts charting out a perfect launch into stardom.

Shah Rukh even hinted at his kid’s acting talent. “Aryan and Suhana can be great actors. But they have to learn the craft first.”

Saif’s kids are next in line. His not-so-little boy Ibrahim and gorgeous girl Sara are also star material. While his daughter made a striking debut on the ramp a little earlier this year, her mother Amrita Singh insisted that she isn’t making a headway into Bollywood.

Sara even made it to the cover of a glossy magazine cover, alongside her mom, looking rather ravishing, sparking more rumours about her acting debut.

“After seeing the magazine cover page, Sara has got many offers. Five eminent filmmakers have approached us and said that they wanted Sara to play the leading lady in their films,” reported the Indian media.

Although his son hasn’t shown any inclination to acting, we think he’s genetically inclined to it, and will make an impressionable one.

And, last but not the least is Khiladi star Akshay’s son Aarav. Although he has lived a very sheltered life, his famed dad has hinted at a possible acting career by talking about how he is a huge movie buff.

“‘Life of Pi’ is on the top of my son’s list of movies and we can’t wait to watch the movie together,” stated Akshay while inaugurating the International Film Festival of India recently.

If he inherits his actor-grandfather Rajesh Khanna’s charisma or his actor-grandma Dimple Kapadia’s immense talent, he’s sure to turn into a sensation.


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