Fit to fat: Bollywood's Aishwarya, Abhishek and Rani-Aditya lead the way

Weddings are usually looked upon as a special occasion for friends and family to celebrate in style, especially when the nuptials happen to be a big fat Bollywood one.

However, marital bliss for many of India’s top actors comes with sleepless nights for production houses that invest millions of dirhams behind their lead star, only to witness workouts and diets take a backseat to burgeoning weight gains.

In the last year, many of India’s seasoned, and sometimes marketed as sexiest stars, have come under fire for being victims to wedding blues to be known as Bollywood’s most unfit couples.

Emirates 24|7 takes a look at some of the guilty parties.

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Abhishek-Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Perhaps Bollywood’s most photographed power couple, the duo have constantly borne the brunt of the media for their fluctuating weight.

This snowballed into a national catastrophe of sorts when India’s top five dinner table conversation in an average household became Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s inability to shed her post baby weight fast enough.

The actress has been actively losing the inches of late, ever since she’s started to face the cameras yet again after nearly a year in hibernation; however, the same is not being said of husband Abhishek.

The actor has been on the receiving end of a lot of criticism from the media for his burgeoning belly, which has been fluctuating ever since the actor had to take some kilos on for his film “Guru.”

Now according to insiders, director Ram Gopal Verma is desperate to get the actor to shed some belly fat to film part three of “Sarkar”.

Whether it is true or not, is anybody’s guess.


Sanjay-Manayata Dutt

Everyone loves Sanjay Dutt. But no fan of his can deny that the one-time Bollywood stud has turned into a stud muffin in these past few years.

Since his marriage to Manayata and the birth of his twins, the actor’s ballooning weight has been the butt of many jokes, especially in films such as “Blue” and “Rascals.”

Rumour has it that the actor even went in for a tummy tuck and a face lift in the UK recently, however his appearance in the Diwali release, “Son of Sardar”, still proved to be a shocker for fans.

Sources close to the actor say marriage clearly suits the actor and he’s simply let go, considering Manayata loves to cook and eat herself.

However, things may change soon in the Dutt camp, as close friends say he has quit drinking and embarked on a low carb diet to get back into shape, ever since he saw the rushes of himself in the upcoming “Zilla Ghaziabad”.

Here’s good luck to him.

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Rani Mukherji-Aditya Chopra

Social media can sometimes be quite cruel.

But the jokes concerning Rani Mukherji’s jelly belly in “Aiyyaa” took a whole new meaning when people tweeted about the three leads in the box office flop: Pritiviraj, Rani herself and her tummy.

The Bengali actress’ weight has fluctuated as often as the Indian stock market, with her tiniest avatar being her role in “Dil Bole Hadippa”.

However, it was during the filming of that flop Yash Raj production that the actress and her rumoured beau Aditya Chopra supposedly decided to come clean with the family and close friends about their growing love.

While Chopra himself has never been much of a lightweight, it seems the duo simply gave up the fit fight and are now resembling each other in looks and burgeoning bellies.

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Fardeen Khan-Natasha Madhvani

It seems parenthood has out of work actor, Fardeen Khan, gorging on the sweets.

Why else would the 38-year-old, who has barely any films in his kitty, stop working on his looks and allow those pounds to simply pile on?

Recently spotted at Rohit Shetty’s sister’s wedding, Khan’s sherwani did nothing to hide the double chin or the tires he’s been sporting of late.

It comes as a shocker to many, considering Khan was once known as the most stylish man in Bollywood and even won awards for the same.

Meanwhile, wife Natasha Madhvani (yesteryear actress Mumtaz’s daughter) has not been a lightweight either in the past, but these days is living the pregnancy glow whilst expecting twins.

Needless to say, eyes will be popping once she gives birth whether she goes the Shilpa Shetty Kundra way and sheds the weight in a jiffy or does an Aishwarya.


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