Is brand Shah Rukh dying a slow death?

He features in a telly ad for an UK restaurant called Chak 89

Is it only money that drives Bollywood’s biggest star Shah Rukh Khan? Or, does he know how to use his discretionary powers while branding himself?

Clearly, not!

We were recently shocked to find him feature in a telly ad for an UK restaurant called Chak 89.

The ad showcases how SRK, despite, being turned away from the Mitcham eatery because of it being overbooked, is quickly offered a seat after all the Indian women ditch their respective dates for a seat next to the star.

“The production looks mediocre, and the acting amateur. I can’t understand why such a huge star like SRK would decide to put his face on this campaign,” says a Bollywood celebrity blogger.

So, while his peers are busy signing away massive endorsement deals for big brands,  Shah Rukh Khan is taking on any, and every, random ad campaign that’s coming his way.

While his arch rival Aamir Khan charges substantial amount for his branding image, SRK asks for nearly 50 per cent less, at around INR 3 crore per day.

Apart from the poor production quality of Chak 89 ad, we are doubtful SRK got paid in such huge amounts for his appearance.

“Surely he’s got the big brands like Tag Heuer and Hyundai. But he’s also got strange ones like Dabur Sona Chandi, Lux Cozi, Linc pen, and Navratna, among others,” analyses another celebrity blogger.

A leading Indian paper reported that SRK’s brand image has suffered due to the numerous controversies he has been embroiled in, and also because he’s an “ageing celebrity”.

A brand marketing executive reveals that this is common among all big stars. “They all end up in a phase where they aren’t much sought after. Initially everyone wants to sign them, then the new, younger crowd comes along. It is only a matter of exiting gracefully.”

Another Bollywood reporter adds that’s probably why Pepsi came out with a ‘youngistan’ campaign with Ranbir and not with SRK.

SRK, however, has never tried to hide the real reason why he’s in the entertainment industry. “There’s nothing wrong in wanting to be rich. There’s nothing wrong in wanting to be ambitious,” he told journalist Vir Sanghvi in a telly interview way back in 2000.

“Yes, I’m greedy. And yes, I’m proud of dancing at weddings,” he had added.

And, true to his words, he has been seen dancing at many weddings since, for people he knew and those he didn’t, only to make a quick buck in the bargain.

With just one big budgeted movie – Yash Raj banner’s ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ – this year, surely SRK is finding out ways to ensure his bank accounts remain in good health.

While he charges INR 20-25 crore for a movie, his brand endorsement deals stand at INR 2-3 crore for a day.


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