My film is naughty by nature, says Poonam Pandey

Lead actor of ‘Nasha’ says she fits role perfectly

Gone are the days when romance ruled the roost at the box office. With the advent of new age cinema, fresh ideas, innovative scripts and bold directors, Indian cinema seems to be changing for the better. New genres are being explored, and one such innovative director is Amit Saxena. Saxena who gave the world ‘Jism’ as his first directorial venture, is back with another titillating offering. His second film, titled ‘Nasha’, will see the debut of the sensational Poonam Pandey on celluloid.

The film is an intense, erotic offering that will open new doors in the industry. Saxena has raised the bar for other filmmakers by exploring the erotica genre in only his second film. “My film is a naughty and sensuous film,” said Saxena.

And he was looking for a fresh face with the right attitude and acting skills. Poonam fit the role perfectly. “I am just naughty by nature like my film, and this film appealed to me. The script was brilliant and I just felt so close to the character that I could not refuse it,” said Poonam.

Saxena’s first venture is still fresh in the minds of the Indian audiences, and he promises that ‘Nasha’ will break all previous boundaries.

“The Indian audience is ready to appreciate erotica, and my attempt it to offer them a film that they will remember for a lifetime,” said Saxena.


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