Rani to mum Aishwarya: Start working out

She believes it’s time Bollywood mommies struck a healthy balance between work and family

It’s no breaking news that one-time best buds Rani Mukherji and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan aren’t on talking terms anymore. But, Rani’s recent comments, hinting at new mommy Ash, could lead to another round of war of words.

With the media incessantly mapping new-mommy Ash’s every public move, be it her ballooning weight or her fanatic ways at covering up her daughter Aradhaya , there’s her ex-bestie claiming it’s unfortunate that B-town mommies are unable to balance babies and movies.

“We, Indian women, get too carried away with our personal lives with rearing our children. We feel that we are the only mothers on the planet,” she told during the ‘Front Row’ telly show on StarTV.

“And, we believe we have to leave everything to bring up our children.”

Considering how Ash has been harping about how she isn’t willing to take on any acting work, just yet, because she wants to spend quality time with her little girl, it is clear who Rani was referring to.

“Being a mum, I love it. It is like bliss,” Ash has been quoted before.

Even though Rani was called to the telly studio to promote her new film ‘Aiyyaa’, she lost no time to advise new mommies on how to handle their careers.

“Actresses need to pull up their socks and keeping looking great and working out… and keep looking younger than what we are,” she added.

That wasn’t all. “If you can, kind of, balance the two, then it’s great. And, you need to be the front-runner to change that benchmark.

“I would like to be the Meryl Streep of India. I would like to balance work and family.”

Not too long ago, Rani and Ash were inseparable besties until ‘Chalte Chalte’. Apparently Ash was thrown out of the project due to her then unruly lover Salman Khan, and Rani quickly stepped in. This irked Ash who refused to talk to Rani.

She hit back, by snatching away Rani’s then boyfriend Abhishek Bachchan, and later marrying him.

Looking at how Rani has remained unmarried, what with her “beau” Aditya Chopra’s divorce still pending, her “mommy comment” couldn’t have come at a better time.


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