Saifeena Wedding shockers: 5 things you didn't know

‘Party’ ready to move on to Pataudi Palace, Saif’s ancestral home

Despite being tagged as the biggest wedding Bollywood since the Abhishek Bachchan-Aishwarya Rai media fiasco, the ongoing celebrations for Saif Ali Khan’s and Kareena Kapoor’s union appears almost understated as the duo continue to fiercely guard details of their impending marriage today.

Last night’s sangeet or song and dance ceremony had everyone tightlipped about the affair at Kareena’s Bandra residence, with designer and close friend Manish Malhotra even going on record to deny it was a wedding celebration, referring to the glitzy affair as a mere “party.”

So while we wait for the ‘party’ to move on to the Pataudi Palace, Saif’s ancestral home, where no marriage ceremony will commence as per their story, Emirates 24|7 sifts through some insider details that scoops the happy couple and the wedding entourage on the marriage affair.

Kareena sizes down

Recent pictures of Kareena have seen a more leaner, fitter actress, with October 14th’s sangeet ceremony images highlighting more pronounced cheekbones and a jawline.

Well, according to industry insiders, the actress had resorted to weight management yet again for her big day.

However, this time around size zero was not the need of the hour, but a healthier regime saw the actress follow a strict diet plan, including a high protein, low carb diet and lots of fruit juices.

The diva had also roped in an instructor to practice Ashtanga Yoga.

And while her spokesperson did not comment on the wedding as the reason, they did say in the media: “Kareena loves to experiment with her looks for which she constantly takes various fitness regimes that suits her body type. She doesn’t want to go back to size zero. As the result she not only wants to tone her body but make it agile and flexible.”

So who is the bridal designer? Sharmila Tagore speaks

The media drama following Ritu Kumar’s interview that she is restoring the ancestral bridal outfit for Kareena, while Manish Malhotra going on record that he is designing the dresses has both creative names up in arms.

In an interview with India Daily News, mom-in-law Sharmila Tagore finally set the record straight to say: “I had given Ritu my mother-in-law’s wedding gharara to be restored and embellished, and she’s been working on it for a while now.

“The gharara is very old. My mother-in-law wore it in 1939 and I wore it at my own nikaah.

“Kareena is wearing that for the wedding ceremony. As for Manish, he is a dear friend of hers and he is doing the other wedding outfits, as well as some for different functions.”

She added: “With the kind of lavish and detailed handwork, it’s bound to be weighty. So there’s a lighter gharara being made by Ritu. Manish has also made one. Kareena will decide which one she will change into after the nikaah.”

There you go. Let this media mudslinging be put to rest.

No magazine deals, please

The couple is so firm on guarding the affair as private that they even rejected Rs30 million deal by a British tabloid to photograph and video shoot the wedding.

Sunday night’s sangeet ceremony proved how paranoid the couple is, with arrangements being made to even cover the terrace to ensure no shutterbugs snapped up images.

As the celebration moves to the Pataudi Palace for the wedding ceremony, the duo has only agreed upon 60 guests to attend the private affair.

Fans can only hope a few trigger-happy guests take to Twitter soon after.

Sanjay Kapur to be a party pooper?

It’s probably Bollywood’s worst kept secret that sister Karisma Kapoor’s marriage to industrialist Sanjay Kapur is on the rocks.

But the rumour to take the cake is Sanjay’s eagerness to bring along his current girl friend Priya Chatwal to the wedding.

Stories circulating are that Sanjay’s family care for Karisma and have forbidden him to follow through with his threat.

Some are also saying this is one of the reasons why Kareena wanted a low key wedding to save her sister from public and media scrutiny.

50th honeymoon?

Well, we aren’t saying it but Bebo herself, who was recently quoted in the media when quizzed about her honeymoon: “We already go on holidays as if there’s no tomorrow.

“My friend Arjun Kapoor (Boney Kapoor’s son) told me that if Saif and I go on another holiday again, it’ll be our 250th honeymoon. But in December we are taking off again.”

No prizes for guessing that the duo will probably jet off to Gstaad, Switzerland once again, which Kareena Kapoor fondly refers to as her second home and favourite holiday destination.

The couple has previously stayed at a chalet-hut owned by the Gstaad Palace, which costs over £1,000 per night for two adults. This includes a sumptuous three-course meal with wine and bubbly.



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Saifeena Wedding: One wedding not enough for Saif, Kareena

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