Shilpa Shetty does an Aishwarya Rai or Michael Jackson with son?

After Ash's cover up act with baby Aaradhya, Shilpa also indulged in a similar drill recently

It’s almost like a trend now, for new Bollywood mommies to keep their newborns under wraps.
After Aishwarya Rai Bachchan went to great lengths, at every public outing, to keep baby Aaradhya’s face blocked from the peering media, it’s now the turn of another star mommy to repeat the drill.
Shilpa Shetty copied her contemporary in keeping her baby in a sling, and face well-covered.
“It’s one thing to want to keep your child away from the media glare, and another to parade them with a sheet covering their face,” critiqued a celebrity blogger. “It’s distasteful.”
The tradition is, however, reversed in Hollywood, where celeb parents make no hue and cry about taking their babies and toddlers out in public.

In fact, it was pop icon Michael Jackson who was scrutinized for shielding his kids from the media by making them wear masks.
The trend, now, is more liberal. Celeb mommies are seen taking their children out for strolls, and picnics, while the paparazzis click away from the distance. “From Jennifer Lopez to Angelina Jolie, there’s no real drama surrounding their children. And, being star kids they are bound to be in the spotlight, but by merely covering their faces it won’t take that truth away,” noted an entertainment reporter.
Shilpa has also taken cues from Ash on how to stay glamorous without breaking into a sweat. From brand endorsements to producing reality shows, to taking on humanitarian roles, the mommies are focusing less on the weighing scale and more on building their market value in an industry that doesn’t take too kindly to weight gain.
Instead of turning into stay-at-home moms till they shed the extra kilos, which is what most actresses did earlier, Shilpa, like Ash, isn’t shying away from flaunting her curves.

(Sanskriti Media)
“Currently, losing weight is not a priority,” Shilpa Shetty announced to the Indian media. “Wearing loose clothes is one way to camouflage fat and look good.”

Although Ash took the brunt of the weight-watchers debate, she has re-surfaced unscathed, with a brand new role as UN Goodwill Ambassador. Despite not being successful in tipping the weighing scale in her favour, Ash has brilliantly tweaked the showbiz strategy to fit in her new-look.

What if there are no film offers, Ash’s happy taking on brands endorsements and “social causes”.

So, while Ash took on Kalyan Jewellers, Shilpa bagged Olay.

Brand endorsements are the best way to rake in the cash. “They can remain in the spotlight… devote a day or two for the shoot, and then it’s pack-up,” added adman Nischal. “They also get a hefty cheque.”
And, like Ash, even Shilpa isn’t keen on signing movies because she enjoys playing a devoted mom.

“Right now, I am a full-time mother and completely enjoying it. I have no time for films. I am on a sabbatical for I don't know how long. Motherhood is such an amazing experience that everything else takes a back seat,” Shilpa told a leading Indian daily.

But, there’s one Bollywood mommy who believes in striking her own deal. Lara Dutta recently stepped out with her newborn, but with her face uncovered.


“Whew! What a relief to see some celebrities behaving like normal human beings,” commented another blogger.

And, she has stayed in the media spotlight, and openly talked about her plans to get back in shape.

“Post pregnancy weight doesn't reduce overnight and it takes a dedicated routine to lose the weight put on. I watched what I ate and worked out 4-5 days in a week after the initial six months post Saira's birth,” she had told a popular Indian daily.
And, unlike the other two mommies, she’s gearing up to don the greasepaint for Bijoy Nambiar’s ‘David’.



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