Why is Katrina acting dumb with Salman Khan & Shah Rukh?

Katrina Kaif: I am not dumb

Bollywood hottie Katrina Kaif is a simple, hard working girl who just happens to be beautiful and accidentally finds men swooning all around her.

But of course she is not dumb; she may pretend to be bubble headed to top notch heroes of the industry like Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan.

For someone who grew up traveling round the world from Hong Kong, Japan, France, Switzerland, Poland, Germany to London; witnessing a single struggling mother and some historic events of the world, Katrina Kaif can definitely be anything but dumb.

With non-filmy background, Katrina has been accepted by the industry, even if reluctantly. She now works with the biggest directors, the biggest actors and her achievements is often credited to her mentor or co-stars not herself.

When people hear Katrina talk, a lot of times her comments are along a certain line and her response is dull and you might think, 'oh! she is dumb'. The actress might have sensed the image she is building and retorts in an interview 'I'm not dumb'.

We believe her. But what baffles us as to why she acts dumb and doesn't mind being the butt of all jokes?

Katrina's ex-flame Salman Khan is often seen making fun of her - be it for her accent or some rather random subjects - on public platform much to the crowd's delight.

All she does is smiles her way out from the sticky situation.

Her co-star of 'Jab Tak Hai Jaan' Shah Rukh Khan pokes fun at her. All she does is chuckles. However, the lady doesn't mind either of the actors' antics. She says it's because of the camaraderie she shares with them.

As if she got any choice?

The 28-year-old actress further pointed out that she's not allergic to humour. Yes she can bear all the humour at her expense! At media events and public forums she is the harmless stooge for entertainment.

Katrina says she is not an industry stranger to take offense at the jokes made at her. Even if she takes offense who it will be against - Salman Khan or Shah Rukh Khan?

It was Salman Khan who helped Katrina Kaif come out of her 'Boom' skin and revive her image in the industry. Her mentor of sort.

And it was Katrina's dream to work with Shah Rukh Khan. So whom should she retort back?

Both these co-stars are reigning actors in Bollywood with immense clout over the industry. She obviously cannot show her displeasure at them.

She now works with the top heroes who has a monopoly in the industry so can she really gets offensive with them?

Bollywood has been known for being a male dominating pasture. If Katrina starts getting offensive there are many options for these heroes for a leading lady.

So basically playing turkey Katrina is actually being smart!


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