Carla Bruni's promise to be Jagger's 'forever mistress'

Book claims former French First Lady had a 7-year affair with Rolling Stones frontman

Biographies of famous people tend to reveal and destroy the lives of a lot more people than the actual incidents managed to do during their time.

Recently a book titled 'Mick: The Wild Life and Mad Genius of Jagger', by Christopher Andersen highlights the Carla Bruni-Mick Jagger affair which led to the end of Rolling Stones frontman's almost a decade-long marriage to Jerry hall.

According to the book, a 23-year-old Carla Bruni was in a relationship with rocker Eric Clapton when she and Mick met for the first time while the Rolling Stone man was on his Urban Jungle tour in 1990. Eric Clapton had requested to Mick not to destroy his relationship with Carla as he was almost in love with her and anted to give their relationship a chance to grow.

However, destiny had other plans and Carla was very soon 'hopelessly stuck' on Mick. She even travelled with Mick all the way to Thailand just a day after Mick's then wife Jerry gave birth to the couple's daughter. 

Jerry had her doubts about her husband and called him to ask who he was holidaying with in Thailand. Although Mick denied the truth, the book claims, Hall later 'intercepted a written message from Carla Bruni to Mick Jagger'.

The note from Bruni is alleged to have read: "I'll be your mistress forever".

Carla and Mick had a seven-year-long affair and the couple broke up after Carla was tired of putting up with Mick's womanising ways.

The 44-year-old former model is now married to former French President Nicholas Sarkozy, 56, and the couple have an eight-month-old girl named Giulia. Bruni also has an 11-year-old son from a previous relationship. The couple are rumoured to be expecting their second child together, although they have not confirmed or denied the reports.