Caught with Ranbir, Katrina Kaif cries foul, angry over exposé

Her ‘open letter’ to media is little too lame to salvage the damage

Few weeks ago Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif was photographed in a beach in Spain wearing minimal clothes (won't call that a bikini); the pictures got circulated in the media.

Reaching India two weeks after her foreign escapedes (Spain, Sri Lanka) with boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina shoots an open letter to the media complaining about "invasion of privacy".

"I am writing this to say that I feel most upset, distressed and invaded at my pictures published in a film magazine (and which were carried by other media).

The pictures were taken while I was on holiday by someone who, in an act of cowardice, has shot without permission and then used the pictures for commercial gain.

There is a breed of journalism that preys on celebrities in the worst possible manner crossing all lines of privacy and decency. Running these pictures shows support for this school of journalism.

I request that all media running these pictures please refrain from doing so. I have a wonderful relationship with the media and have been accessible to the media at all times. There is no reason for this furtive and invasive behaviour."

By Katrina Kaif


It is questionable whether photos clicked on a public beach or in a public area constitutes a breach of privacy. The two actors are entitled to their privacy, but if they are in a public area and caught on camera, unfortunately it's fair game.


Katrina Kaif was adequately dressed for a beach outing. Wearing a two piece on the beach is definitely better than wearing one on the cover of a magazine. But if she poses for a cover she gets paid, right? So who sheds clothes and uses "pictures for commercial gain" can anyone remind Ms Kaif?


Katrina belongs to a generation of actresses that say, "If you have great bodies flaunt it". And she did flaunt it in the past - remember 'Boom' or dig out Cosmopolitan issue. So why this double standard and miffed when caught with Ranbir? Public figure plus public beach usually results in public display. Maybe she was not paid for these pictures.


Which "breed of journalism" is Katrina talking about - the ones that helped her catapult to stardom with numerous interviews, photo shoots and gossips? She wasn't complaining when these magazines helped her build her profile and kept her in news even during her lean period. Katrina didn't complain about these "breed of journalism" who praised her work even when the world knows the truth about her acting skills.


If a certain actor is arriving or leaving the airport, usually it's all planned. They want to be photographed. During events, film outings and night outs their PR team informs the media and the actors are sure that at least one photographer will be present. So when they want pictures to be clicked only then they will invite or else it will be called "invading".

When everyone was talking about Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor's sizzling chemistry, Katrina loyalists went around the town telling how committed the Kapoor boy is to Kaif. Suddenly a barrage of information about Katrina and Ranbir's whereabout started to trickle down to the media. And slyly, news about their travel plans is dropped.

Well, when media is for used for their benefit it's perfectly professional but when they are snapped in their element that's invading.

There’s a reason why they say there’s no business like show business because here the star’s business is everyone else’s business.


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