Brit mom pregnant with 12th child

She is being called Britain’s busiest mother and is now pregnant with her 12th baby.

According to the Daily Mail, Tania Sullivan, 37, is four months pregnant just months after giving birth to twins.

The report also stated that she does not collect benefits to support her ever-growing brood, never hires a babysitter and home schools all her children.

Her children have been names as Ben, aged 19, Stephanie, aged 18, Caitlin, aged 12, Harry, aged nine, Eddie, aged seven, Sid, aged six, Patrick, aged five, Oliver, aged three, Joseph, aged one, Anne and Libby, aged eight months and the new baby is expected December.

Sullivan and her husband Mike, 39, have a 17-seater minibus to cope with the demands of their children .

The family also eat 20 loaves of bread and 50 pints of milk a week.

Cops mistaken for strippers

AUSTRALIA: Police narrowly escaped an undressing after stumbling into a rowdy hens' night in northern Australia where they were mistaken for strippers by the bride-to-be and her friends.

The male officers attended Darwin's Humpty Doo Tavern after reports of a disturbance and were greeted by an enthusiastic group of women who shouted that the strippers had arrived and tried to pull their shirts off.

"The girls were in fine form," Northern Watch Commander Louise Jorgensen told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. "They were most excited about the police presence.

"There were various shouts about how the strippers had arrived."

Jorgensen said the men "nearly had their shirts torn off, but they managed to escape with their dignity intact". (AFP)

 Official dismissed after Facebook photo spills the beans

MANILA: A Philippine official has been dismissed after Facebook photos showed him attending a high school reunion at an island resort when he was supposed to be at work.

Nueva Ecija provincial information officer Maynardo Valdez was accused of gross misconduct and dishonesty.

Philippine Information Agency chief Jose Fabia said Wednesday that Valdez closed his office for four days last year without permission and did not respond to calls and texts from his superiors.

Fabia said officials tried contacting Valdez through his Facebook account and instead saw pictures of him at the reunion on Boracay Island.

He alleged Valdez neglected his other duties like producing daily reports and surveying the sentiments of the people in the province.

Valdez says he will appeal the decision. (AP)

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