Hollywood Gossip: 50 Cent's $300,000 afternoon treat...

Rapper 50 Cent stopped off to purchase a $300,000 Rolls Royce before driving around New York City with MTV presenter Nick Grimshaw for music show 'Soundchain'.

50 Cent "needed" to buy a $300,000 car moments before being interviewed by Nick Grimshaw for MTV's 'Soundchain'.


The 'Candy Shop' rapper was late for his meeting with the British TV presenter because he decided to make a quick pit-stop beforehand and treat himself to the luxury vehicle.

Nick - who was filming for MTV's Relentless Ultra Presents 'Soundchain' series - recalled: "We landed Friday night and then we went to film on Saturday and it was a really beautiful spring, summery day in New York. He was a little bit late and his people were like 'Oh he'll be here'.

"Then he came and was like, 'I needed to stop to buy something' and it was a $300,000 convertible Rolls Royce. But it was (said) as if it was 'Oh i needed some water.'


"He arrived in the Rolls Royce, actually drove himself there.

"I was quite intimidated because I loved him as a fan."

The 39-year-old singer then offered Nick, 30, a ride around the city and the star-struck TV presenter was amazed at how many people showed the New Yorker their love and admiration.


He said: "Then he took us out for a drive around in this car, and I mean he is so famous in New York.

"Every single person, everyone was running out of the shops and their buildings and there were kids chasing him up the road with no shoes on! And grandmas knew who he was, they were like, 'Fiddy I got you, I got you 719 Fiddy!'

"I don't know what that means.


"And then one random old man went 'Grimmy! Radio!' and 50 was dying."

The first episode of Relentless Ultra Presents 'Soundchain' with Florence and The Machine airs tonight at 11pm on MTV Music.

The remaining episodes then premiere across the MTV network on a biweekly basis.

Chris Brown unhappy about mom seeing daughter

Chris Brown is furious that his daughter Royalty, 13 months, has been spending time with his mother as it meant he couldn't be with her.


The 'Loyal' hitmaker has filed to have his paternity over 13-month-old Royalty established so he can go to court over custody and child support arrangements with the tot's mother, Nia Guzman, and insiders claim he made the move after his bid to see the youngster this week was blocked because she was with her paternal grandmother Joyce Hawkins - who Chris has a strained relationship with - in Virginia.

According to TMZ, Nia insists this is the only time she has ever stopped the 26-year-old singer from seeing his daughter, but it seems that was enough for him to make the decision to take legal action.


While the model had been seeking around $15,000 a month in child support, Chris had wanted to pay $2,500 but they had reportedly agreed on $10,000 a month, effective from this month.

However, the 'Yeah 3x' hitmaker also wants a court to now make a ruling on the figure, despite Nia not wanting the case to go down the legal route as she didn't want to be made out to be a "gold digger".

Last weekend, Chris - who was convicted of assaulting then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009 and subsequently endured a number of legal rows while on probation - paid tribute to his little girl as he spoke of how his life has changed.


He said "A lot has changed in my life, a lot of mistakes, a lot of lessons learned. The best thing, I'm most thankful for is my daughter.

"At the end of the day, love is love."

The 'Ayo' singer learned he was Royalty's father months after her birth and he and his on/off girlfriend Karrueche Tran split up in March after she found out that he fathered the child while they were together.

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