Hollywood Gossip: Kate Moss and Jamie Hince 'over'

Kate Moss and Jamie Hince have reportedly told friends that their marriage problems are beyond repair.

The couple - who married in 2011 - are said to have confided in friends that they are not able to repair their relationship problems and the Kills rocker is now waiting for his 41-year-old wife to "move forward" with divorce proceedings.


A source said: "They are properly over as a married couple. It's gone past the point of no return.

"Jamie's just waiting for Kate to move forward with divorce proceedings.


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"Neither are in any hurry but they both suspect there won't be a reconciliation.

"They accept they'll probably have to make some sort of statement but don't want to feel forced into anything."

Insiders claim one of the contributing factors to the couple's problems is Kate's jealousy over 46-year-old Jamie's friendships with other women.

Another friend told The Sun newspaper: "Jamie's been clear that they've not been close for a long time.

"She's always been beyond jealous about his female friends and he was sick of it."

Mutual friends of the couple are said to have sided with Jamie in the wake of the separation.

One pal said: "Everyone's rallying around Jamie over it all and feeling very sad for him.

"Hardly anyone seems that concerned that Kate's going through a break-up too. She's burned a lot of bridges over the past few months."

It was recently claimed Kate - who has 12-year-old daughter Lila from a previous relationship - hasn't seen Jamie "for weeks", while he has been spending time with model Lady Mary Charteris and her husband Robbie Furze.

A source said: "Kate does not like Lady Mary at all and the feeling is mutual. When they have met at functions, Mary has called her 'Croydon Kate' to her face.

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"Jamie has spent time at Mary and Robbie's place in London, despite the fact he has a marital home with Kate a few miles away. Things are so bad that they have been avoiding being at their place at the same time. They have not seen each other for several weeks."

Chris Brown can't leave Philippines

Chris Brown has been barred from leaving the Philippines due to a dispute with a concert promoter relating to a gig the singer allegedly failed to show up for late last year.


The 'Loyal' hitmaker performed a gig in Manila on Tuesday but when he tried to fly out to Hong Kong this yesterday for his next show, he was blocked from doing so by the Philippine Department of Justice due to a dispute with a concert promoter.

According to the Philippines News Agency, Chris was allegedly booked to perform a show last New Year's Eve but never made the appearance, so the promoters of the gig were granted an order to bar the 'Fine China' singer from leaving the country in order to get him to pay back money they say they are owed.

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Immigration bureau spokeswoman Elaine Tan insisted Chris and his promoter must obtain an emigration clearance certificate to leave the country but added they will not be barred from leaving as long as the justice department does not raise objections.

This is not the first travel problem Chris has encountered this year.

In February, the 26-year-old star was forced to cancel shows in Canada after being refused entry to the country due to previous criminal convictions.

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Breaking the news in tweets, which have since been deleted, he wrote at the time: "Unfortunately I will not be able to perform in front of sold out crowds in Montreal & Toronto."

Tour promoter Live Nation subsequently released a statement confirming "immigration issues" were responsible for the cancellations.

Rom-com, starring George & Amal Clooney

George and Amal Clooney are still "mad about each other" and seeing them together is like "watching a rom-com," according to their friend Kathy Lette.

The 54-year-old actor and the 37-year-old British human rights lawyer got married during an intimate ceremony in Italy last September and their close friend Kathy Lette claims seeing them together is like "watching a rom-com in front of you."

The author, who is married to Amal's colleague Geoffrey Robertson, also isn't surprised that the Oscar winner proposed to the brunette beauty in April 2014 after just seven months of dating.

She told PEOPLE.com: "She's drop-dead gorgeous, your jaw hits the ground, but she's also very charming, funny, self-deprecating. She's as warm and down-to-earth as ever."

Kathy has loosely based her new novel, 'Courting Trouble,' on Amal.

She explained: "It's about a woman in her 30s in the legal world trying to change the world and make it a better place."

It was recently revealed the couple are planning to start a family together soon.

A source said: "They decided that it would be the right time. Amal isn't taking on extra work at the moment and just continuing with the cases she has.

"This is something they really want."

How hot am I? by Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez has rated her looks as merely a six out of 10 in a new interview.


The 22-year-old singer admitted that while she feels good on days when she is dressed up for an event, she doesn't rate her looks as highly when she isn't getting glammed up.

Selena told Boston's 103.3 AMP 'TJ Show': "I would say, like, [on] a premiere day, I would be a good nine. And then, on my every day, I feel like a six. Gosh, that sounds so bad. I feel like a six or a seven."


Selena also revealed that she is a massive fan of Amy Schumer and wants a role on her TV show 'Inside Amy Schumer'.

She said: "I am trying to finagle my way onto her show, so, maybe that's how I'll find a way to work with her and be around. I'm a huge fan. I think she's amazing."


Meanwhile, the singer-and-actress recently revealed she has been seeking dating advice from stars including Olivia Wilde and Paul Rudd in a bid to find the perfect man following a string of failed relationships with Justin Bieber, Zedd and Nick Jonas.

She said: "I just spent the weekend in Kansas with Paul Rudd, Olivia Wilde, Jason Sudeikis and Johnny Knoxville.

"I was like, 'Guys let's talk about some dates!' That's kinda my approach. When I meet cool people like them I want what they have."


However, Selena admitted her lack of luck in the romance department could be caused the fact that she doesn't trust people.

She admitted: "I don't trust anyone ... It's something that I have to live with and I have to find the balance of who I want in my life and who isn't good for me."

Man dead in Demi Moore's pool after party

An unnamed 21-year-old man has reportedly been found dead in actress Demi Moore's pool following a party at her home.


TMZ reports the unnamed man's body was found in the early hours of Sunday morning following a party at her home the night before.

According to the website Demi is currently out of town and neither she nor any of her family members were present at the bash or when the body was found.


No other details have been revealed.

Meanwhile, back in May Demi had $200,000 worth of clothes stolen from her north Hollywood storage unit.

Although there was a large selection of pieces in the facility, law enforcement officials reportedly said the thieves only took "high-end, and in some cases, irreplaceable" pieces, with Demi still trying to work out which items have been taken by making an itemised list.

However, police were left perplexed by the crime as there were no signs of a break-in, leading the 52-year-old beauty to believe it was someone from the storage unit who had taken the designer goods.


And despite reporting the theft, it could be difficult to track down the robber as no-one had visited the unit for six months, meaning the raven-haired beauty had no idea when the robbery took place.

The 'Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle' star - who divorced 'Jobs' actor Ashton Kutcher in 2013 after eight years of marriage - is believed to have a fortune mounting to approximately $150 million, which she has amassed since she first broke into acting in the 1980s.


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